AccuCOUNT Inventory Receiving Guide


Table of Contents


Get List From Accounting\ Ordering in Accounting

Using the Scanner to Scan Inventory

Get Scanner Files

Setting the Vendor For the PO and Verifying

Adjusting Accounting Software

The Entire Process

Delete Data Files




This guide is written for version 2.93 of AccuCOUNT and the current versions of Peachtree and QuickBooks.  If you are running an earlier version of AccuCOUNT, Peachtree, or QuickBooks, you will notice differences in the user interface as well as the integration with the accounting software.


Overview: (top)


AccuCOUNT can be used to receive inventory as it enters your store.  This is done as though it is being received at a loading dock and gives you the opportunity to adjust the price of the item as it is unloaded.  Before you receive:


  1. Make sure that the received goods are together.
  2. You MUST know the PO number of the items being received.
  3. You must be able to complete the entire process, as the Scanner can not start the process a second time.
  4. Make sure that the Scanner has been charged.
  5. Make sure your Scanner has the latest lookup file downloaded.


Get List From Accounting\ Ordering in Accounting: (top)


1.      AccuCOUNT references Purchase Order numbers from accounting software when trying to send receiving invoices to accounting.

2.      These POs should always be created in accounting before you attempt to receive inventory.  This is because if an item that you are ordering is brand new, then you would need to add this item to accounting before you attempt to receive it.

3.      Once the PO is entered, AccuPOS suggests that you upload a new lookup file.  To refresh your item list to AccuCOUNT you will need to click the Get Item List from accounting.  This will create a request file and will call the AccuLINK adapter to connect to your accounting program and get an updated item list.


Using the Scanner to Scan Inventory: (top)


1.      Press number 1 on the Scanner for Run Program.

2.      Press number 1 for Receiving.

3.      Enter the PO number and press enter (TO RECEIVE YOU MUST HAVE A PO NUMBER)

4.      Scan the item that has just arrived.  The scanner will display the item description and current price (as listed in accounting).

5.      Type in how many were received and press enter.

6.      You will now be over the ‘Cost’ field; if the cost is correct or you don’t have the cost available at the loading dock then press enter to go to the next item.  If the cost needs adjusted then type in the new cost value and press enter.

7.      You are now ready to scan the next item.

8.      Once you are done collecting data, press the “ESC” key to return to the Scanner main window.


Get Scanner Files: (top)


1.      On the Scanner press number 2 Send data.

2.      Place the scanner in the cradle, it should read “Waiting…

3.      In AccuCOUNT Press Get scanner files.

4.      Press Read Scanner.

5.      The scanner file will now download from the scanner into the computer. You will see the location of the file in the window.

6.      Single left click on the location of the file and click Done.


Setting the Vendor For the PO and Verifying: (top)


1.      Your new PO will show up as a single line in the Receive Items field.

2.      Double click on “PO: Vendor :NO VENDOR

3.      You will now need to choose a Vendor for this PO, simply use the field called Vendor and select the proper one.

4.      Once this is done click Update Line, and the vendor selected will be displayed next to the PO in the top of the field.

5.      The list for the PO will be branched down and show each item, how many were received, and it’s cost.

6.      Verify that the receivables were correct, if they are then skip to step 8; if they are not then single click the item(s) that is not and it will be displayed along the bottom for you to adjust.

7.      Once you have entered the correct amount click Update Line. Complete steps 6 and 7 for each item that needs adjusted.

8.      This invoice is now ready to send to accounting.

9.      Click on Send to Accounting.


Adjusting Accounting Software: (top)


1.      If your Receivable matches your items exactly, then the PO will be closed and there are no further steps that you will need to take.

2.      If your receivable does not match the PO in accounting, then it will not be closed as you will need to make some adjustments to the PO to allow things to match.

3.      If you don’t want to make these adjustments then simply close the PO and you are ready to do your next receivable.


The Entire Process: (top)


  1. From AccuCOUNT, go to Tasks -> Receiving (Figure 1-1).  The Receive items window appears.


Figure 1-1


  1. Select Get Item List from accounting (Figure 1-2) to bring in the inventory list.


Figure 1-2


  1. If new items have been added to accounting, upload a new lookup file.  From the Scanner, select 3 Utilities -> 1 Transfer data -> 3 Get Lookup.  Once it says “Waiting…” on the screen, from AccuCOUNT, go to Setup -> Create and Upload Scanner Lookup File (Figure 1-3).  The file will download into the Scanner.  Once it is done downloading, the Scanner will beep.


Figure 1-3


  1. Enter the PO in the Scanner and scan items and enter counts and costs, as outlined in the step Using the Scanner to Scan Inventory.
  2. Once all items are scanned into the Scanner, place the Scanner back in the cradle.  Select 2 Send data from the Scanner.  Once it says “Waiting…” on the screen, from AccuCOUNT, select Get scanner files (Figure 1-4).  A box will pop up.


Figure 1-4


  1. Select read scanner (Figure 1-5).  The Scanner will beep and a file will show up in the box.


Figure 1-5


  1. Single left click on the file and select Done.  (Figure 1-6)



  1. Click the PO and add a Vendor, click Update Line.  (Figure 1-7)



  1. Verify that all the items are correct.
  2. Click on Send to Accounting.  (Figure 1-8)


Figure 1-8


  1. Check the adapter to double check that the item receivables were imported successfully.  (Figure 1-9)


Figure 1-9


  1. Verify items in accounting; possibly adjust the receivable and update accordingly and close the PO when you are finished.


Delete Data Files: (top)


Now that the items have been received into accounting, it is time to remove the data file from the Scanner.  This is to remove accidental duplication of receivables in the future.  To delete the data files:


1.      On the Scanner, press 3 Utilities.

2.      Select 3 Clear Records.

3.      Select Data file.

4.      Select 1 All data.

5.      Select 1 Yes to confirm deletion.

6.      Once deleted, the Scanner will beep and “Data deleted!” will be displayed on the screen.