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This guide was written for Version 11 of AccuPOS
Sage 50 Accounts Initial Setup

Step-by-step instructions

Part 1: Company Setup
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In order to use AccuPOS and have it update Sage 50 for inventory and accounting purposes, you need to setup your Sage 50 Company file first. If you are installing Sage 50 for the first time, please consult your Sage 50 Advisor or Sage’s customer support with questions pertaining to accounting issues. This manual and AccuPOS support staff will only support issues that are required for AccuPOS POS to operate properly.

Create a POS Customer

All transactions processed at the Point Of Sale that have no customer assigned to, will post as one summarized Sales Receipt to this POS customer in Sage 50. Even if you are planning to track customers on every transaction at the Point Of Sale, you need to create this customer.

  1. Using the Customers tab create a new customer called POS, this name goes in the A/C field in Sage 50 (it MUST be exactly POS. No space, all capitalized).

    Image 1.jpg

  2. Click Next

    image 2.jpg

  3. Click Next twice.

    image 3.jpg

  4. Enter a check in ‘Terms Agreed’ and click Next.

    image 4.jpg

  5. Click Next, and Finish.

  6. When looking at your customer’s details it will look as below:

    image 5.jpg

  7. Use the Credit Control TAB and select Terms Agreed in the restrictions section.

    image 6.jpg

Make sure ‘Terms agreed’ is checked, if not do check.  You do not need to provide any more information about this customer. If any modifications were made click Save.

Setup a “Tender Summary ” account

The Tender Summary account enables AccuPOS to split the tendering totals coming from the Point Of Sale at the end of the shift when Sage 50 is updated with all the sales information.

  1. Select Bank.

  2. Click New.

  3. The Bank Record Wizard opens.

  4. Click Next.

  5. NameTender Summary in the name field.

  6. Ref can be the default chosen by Sage.

  7. Click OK.

  8. Check the No Bank reconciliation

  9. You do not need to put any more information and therefore Click Next until the wizard closes.

Tender Summary does not affect your Balance Sheet. Whilst the interface into Sage 50 creates all the invoices, credit notes, these are not POSTED automatically. Once these transactions have been POSTED, at the end of each day this account should be used as an audit trail account.

The account balance must remain £0.00. Every day after Sage 50 is updated by the Point of Sale, you should check the balance of this account. If this account has a Zero balance that means that everything posted correctly. If this account is either positive or negative you must contact your Dealer or AccuPOS support team immediately.

Undeposited Funds

By default the Tender type Cash will be transferred to Undeposited Funds account when you have closed your till. This is a full functionality that will assist with the reconciling the bank records.

To create an Undeposited Funds account:

  1. Click on Bank.

  2. Click on New.

  3. The Bank Record Wizard open.

    image 10.jpg

  4. Click Next

  5. Name "Undeposited Funds" in the name field.

  6. Change the Ref number to 1219.

  7. Click Next until you get to end of the Wizard.

    image 11.jpg

Settings and access Rights

To have your AccuPOS functioning correctly you require to have a user in the name of the Point of Sale. To setup additional users follow the steps below.

  1. Click Settings

  2. Click on Access Rights

    image 12.jpg

  3. Enter POS for the logon name and POS for password (all in capitals)

  4. Select Full Access.

  5. Click Save.

  6. Click Close to complete.

    image 13.jpg

Part 2: AccuPOS Setup

Install AccuPOS

If you have a CD, place it in the CD drive and select to install AccuPOS. If you downloaded from the web, double click on the file (accuposretail.exe) and it will walk you through the installation.

During the installation you will be prompted to select if you would like to install Management, Point Of Sale, or both. If you will be using AccuPOS on a single computer choose to install both. If you have a network, choose to install only Management on the Back Office computer and only Point Of Sale on the front computers (the ones that will act as the cash registers). In either case you will start setup in management.

Set database path

Single station setupIf you intend on using AccuPOS POS and Management on one computer, follow these steps:

  1. Using Management, click on System, Settings.

  2. Click on Database Path.

  3. Browse to C:\AccuPOS

  4. Highlight AccuPOS and click Open.

  5. Click OK.

  6. Choose from the buttons below what kind of business you have, Reail or Food Service (restaurant).


Multiple stations setupIf you intend on using AccuPOS on multiple computers (multi user serial number required) follow these steps:

  1. Create a folder called POS Data on the Server or the back office computer that would act as the server.

  2. Share the POS Data folder and set the permission to allow network users full control.

  3. Copy AccuPOS.mdb from C:\AccuPOS\ to the POS Data folder.

  4. Using management click on System Settings.

  5. Click on Database Path.

  6. Browse to the folder you shared (example \\Server\POS Data\).

  7. Highlight AccuPOS and click Open.

  8. Click OK.

  9. Choose from the buttons below what kind of business you have, Retail or Food Service (restaurant).

    NOTE: AccuPOS support staff does not support creating networks and sharing folders. Please consult with your network administrator for all network issues.


Register AccuPOS (skip if evaluating)

When you first install AccuPOS, it will default to demo mode. It may be used for evaluation purposes only. Using a non-registered copy of AccuPOS in a retail store is illegal. Attitude POSitive name and address will appear on all receipts; it will not print Bar Codes and will expire 15 days from the day it was first installed. You must have a serial number to be able to register AccuPOS. Uninstalling and reinstalling AccuPOS for the purpose of extending the evaluation period will not work.

To register your copy of AccuPOS, follow these steps:

  1. From the Help Menu in Management select Register.

  2. Enter the company name and address the way you would like it to print on the receipt (P.O. Boxes are not allowed, you must use the store's physical address).

  3. Enter the serial number that was provided when you purchased AccuPOS (you will find it in the DVD case)

  4. If the computer where AccuPOS Management is installed on has internet connection, click on Register On line. If you do not have internet connection click on Register by fax, print the form, sign it and fax it back to +44 0208 203 9388.

NOTE: Make sure the company name and address entered is correct. This information will print on your receipts you will hand to your customers.

Install the Sage 50 Adapter

Insert the AccuPOS CD, once the splash screen comes up select the ‘Install AccuLINK Adapter’ and follow the prompt. Or alternatively click on the link that you have received (AccuLink Adapter.exe)

image 16.jpg

Setup the Sage 50 adapter

The Sage Adapter is the program that enables AccuPOS to exchange information with Sage 50. It should remain open at all times. Closing it will disable AccuPOS from communicating with Sage 50.

The Sage 50 adapter must be installed on the same computer that the Sage 50 program is installed on. The Sage 50 database files do not necessarily need to be on the same computer.

  1. Go to My Computer C AccuPOS and click on ApL5Adapter.jar

  2. Open the AccuLink Adapter


  3. Click on Setup button


  4. Click on “…” (top right) and select the company file AccuPOS will communicate with.

  5. Please make sure that the directory selected ends with ACCDATA.

  6. Click Select site.

  7. Click Save when finished.

  8. You have now created an Apl5Adapter.cfg. This file stores your settings for future use.

  9. For the User Name & Password, type in POS (all in capitals).

  10. Click OK.

3rd Party Integration

You must enable 3rd party integration in Sage. This will allow AccuPOS to access the company file that the Adapter is pointing to.

image 21.jpg

Country Selection

You must set the Country selection in the AccuPOS to the United Kingdom. This is carried out by pressing Setup Company Information.

image 22.jpg

Then select Country to UK.


Define Tender Summary account

From the Setup menu select Company Information.The Tender Summary Account should be set to "Undeposited Funds" by default, replace "Undeposited Funds" with "Tender Summary" (the same way you spelled it when you created it in Sage 50) and click Save & Close.


Define GL Accounts for Tendering Codes

Tendering totals from the Point Of Sale will post to user defined GL accounts ‘Nominal Accounts’ in Sage 50. We recommend posting tender types that are alike to the same GL account, so they can be easily identified in Sage 50 for deposit purposes.

For example, Cash and Checks should post to Undeposited Funds, Visa and Master Card to a Visa Master Card account, American Express to AMEX account etc.

At the end of each day, the Cash and the Cheques can be deposited using Sage 50 General Journal Entry can be made out of the other tendering GL Accounts, to the bank account in one lump sum. Doing so will enable to imitate the way the deposits are made in real life, and will make the reconciliation process easier.

  1. From the Manage menu select Tendering Codes.

  2. Using the pull down menu, select the tendering code. ("VI" for example).

  3. In the button example, you will see the tender name. (“VISA” for example).

  4. Assign the GL Account you want your Tender Type to export to.


  5. Click Update Tender to save the changes.

  6. Repeat these steps for all tender types you created GL Accounts for. If you find a tender type that you will not be using, you may delete it.

Import Customers from Sage 50

Your customer list must be created and imported from Sage 50 so they can purchase your supplies and or services thought the Point Of Sale.

  1. From the File menu, select Import Customers from Accounting

  2. Click OK.

    image 26.jpg

  3. The AccuPOS integrator will appear and wait for the Adapter to extract the item list from Line 50. Once the item list is extracted, the Integrator will insert the list to the AccuPOS database and disappear.


Import inventory / clients from Sage 50

The item list must be created and imported from Sage 50 so they can be sold through the Point of Sale. On help on how to create items in Sage 50, refer to the Sage 50 help file and the Setup inventory in Sage 50 provided with AccuPOS.

  1. From the File menu, select Import Inventory from Accounting.

  2. Click OK.

    image 28.jpg


Test the integration

You are done setting up the integration between AccuPOS and Sage 50, but before you put AccuPOS to work it is strongly recommended that you test to make sure you have not missed a step.

  1. Backup Sage 50

  2. Start AccuPOS Point Of Sale

  3. Use the Point Of Sale Operation Guide to process a single transaction.

  4. Total the sale and tender.

  5. Close AccuPOS Point Of Sale.

  6. Use the Sage 50 End of Day Procedures guide to perform a Z end of day report

  7. Make sure the transaction posted to Sage 50 as a sales receipt

  8. Make sure the funds are in the GL account assigned.

  9. Restore Sage 50

You are done! You may now start using AccuPOS Point of Sale to process
sales more efficiently and update your Sage 50 seamlessly.

Copyright 2011 AccuPOS Point of Sale