AccuCOUNT Initial Setup Guide – ScanPal2


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Setting up the Hardware


The first thing that is required is for you to decide where AccuCOUNT is going to be installed.  The computer that you are installing this on will be REQUIRED to have an available RS.232 serial port so that you can connect the Honeywell ScanPal.  Connect the tan cable to the serial port (9 pins light green) on the back on the computer.  Connect the second end to the Honeywell ScanPal Cradle.  Next, connect the power cord to the Cradle; the Red light will come on to let you know that power is connected.  Put the ScanPal in the Cradle, the green light will flash to let you know it charging; once the green light is solid, the ScanPal is fully charged.


*AccuCOUNT is only to be installed and registered on ONE computer.


Installing AccuCOUNT


To install AccuCOUNT, simply place the AccuCOUNT CD in the CD-ROM drive and follow the prompts.  Next, install the AccuLINK Adapter.  AccuCOUNT can be used with both QuickBooks and Peachtree. You will need to install the AccuLINK adapter where your accounting software is installed.  This can be a different computer but needs to reside on the same network as AccuCOUNT. 


**The computer with your accounting software will need to remain on and logged into your accounting package with administrative rights at all times that you will be using AccuCOUNT.


Setup QuickBooks Adapter


To setup the adapter:


1.    Open the QuickBooks Adapter.  There should be a shortcut on the desktop after the adapter was installed.

2.    Once open, click on Setup (Figure 1.1).  The AccuPOS QuickBooks Adapter Configuration window pops up.


Figure 1.1


3.    Click Path to QB Company.  (Figure 1.2)


Figure 1.2


4.    Browse through the network or local computer to select the company file that was setup and hit Select.  (Figure 1.3)


Figure 1.3


5.    The path now appears.  Select New Site to add that path as the default path to be used by the adapter.

6.    Next, enter the Inventory Adjustment GL account in the appropriate field (Figure 1.4).  By default, in QuickBooks, this account is simply called Inventory Asset.  For more information on the purpose of this account, please refer to the Intuit help or contact an accountant.


Figure 1.4


7.    Click Save when done.  (Figure 1.5)


Figure 1.5


You will be returned to the Adapter window, which will connect immediately to QuickBooks assuming QuickBooks is open.  You will be able to tell it connects by a window that pops up inside QuickBooks itself:


1.    The QuickBooks – Application Certificate window pops up.

2.    Select the option that says Yes, always; allow access even if QuickBooks is not running.  (Figure 1.6)


Figure 1.6


3.    If there is an option to choose a username to log in as, be sure to select the Admin account or an account with full Admin rights.  If there is no option, proceed to the next step.

4.    Click Continue.  (Figure 1.7)


Figure 1.7


5.    Click Done.  (Figure 1.8)


Figure 1.8


Now you have granted the adapter access to QuickBooks.  You only have to grant access once.  Be aware that downloading updates to QuickBooks may prompt for access again though.


Setup Peachtree Adapter


To setup the adapter:


1.    Open the Peachtree adapter.  There should be a shortcut on the desktop after the adapter was installed.

2.    Once open, a message will appear in Peachtree: “Do you want to allow Attitude POSitive to run with your Peachtree Software?” (Figure 2.1).  Check the option to remember this setting and hit Yes.


Figure 2.1


3.    Once open, click on the Setup button (Figure 5.2).  The Configure sites window appears.  (Figure 5.3)


Figure 2.2

Figure 2.3


4.    Click Browse Data Folder.  (Figure 2.4)


Figure 2.4


5.    Browse through the computer or network files and select the Company.dat file under the company folder that Peachtree created when the company was initialized and click Open.  (Figure 2.5)


Figure 2.5


6.    Click on the name of the company (Figure 2.6).  Set the Accounts Receivable GL account.  By default, it is set to 11000 (Figure 2.7).


Figure 2.6

Figure 2.7


7.    Assign the Inventory Adjustments GL account as well as the Accounts Payable GL accounts (Figure 2.8).  By default, in Peachtree, the accounts are 12000 and 20000 respectively.


Figure 2.8


8.    Click Update.  (Figure 2.9)


Figure 2.9


9.    Click OK to exit the Configure Sites window.  (Figure 2.10)


Figure 2.10


Setup Simply Accounting Adapter


To setup the adapter:


  1. Open the Simply Adapter.  There should be a shortcut on the desktop after the adapter was installed.
  2. Select Setup (Figure 3.1).  The AccuLINK Configuration window appears.


Figure 3.1


  1. Select Path to Import.EXE (Figure 3.2).  A windows explorer window will open and you must set the path to the import.exe file that Simply Accounting creates once installed.  In the example below, it is located at C:\Program Files\Simply Accounting Enterprise 2009\SimplyAccounting_import.exe.


Figure 3.2


  1. Enter the password for the sysadmin user account.  (Figure 3.3)


Figure 3.3


  1. Select Canada for the country version.  If you are using Simply Accounting 2008, select that box as well.  (Figure 3.4)


Figure 3.4


  1. Select Add/Modify Site.  (Figure 3.5)


Figure 3.5


  1. Select Browse Company Path (Figure 3.6).  A windows explorer window will open and you must set the path to your company file saved on your network or local computer.  (Figure 3.7)


Figure 3.6

Figure 3.7


  1. Select Save when the path is set.  (Figure 3.8)


Figure 3.8


  1. Enter information for the Default Income Account, Inventory Asset Account, and Inventory COGS Account.  (Figure 3.9)


Figure 3.9


  1. Once all settings are configured, select Save to exit the AccuLINK Configuration window.  (Figure 3.10)


Figure 3.10




Now that AccuCOUNT has been installed and the adapter set up, the software needs to be registered now.  To register AccuCOUNT:


  1. Click on Setup -> Settings and Registration (Figure 4.1).  The AccuCOUNT Setup window appears.


Figure 4.1


  1. Click on Registration (Figure 4.2).  The Registration window will appear.


Figure 4.2


  1. Enter in the information in all fields aside from Registration Key and click Register Online (Figure 4.3).  Once registered, a key will be displayed in the Registration key field and a message will appear at the bottom of the window saying “Registration is valid.”


Figure 4.3


**If you do not have internet access you will need to register by phone by calling (888) 265-4767 and talk to a Support Technician.


Settings Window


There are a few more settings to configure before AccuCOUNT is completely setup.  First is the request folder, which enables AccuCOUNT to talk to the AccuLINK Adapter.  To set the request folder:


  1. Click on Setup -> Settings and Registration (Figure 5.1).  The AccuCOUNT Setup window appears.


Figure 5.1


  1. Click on the Browse request folder and set the path to where you installed the AccuLINK adapter (Figure 5.2).  If it’s on the same computer it would be located at C:\AccuPOS.


Figure 5.2


  1. Leave the Browse Barcode Folder field blank unless you’re using AccuCOUNT to work with Wasp Labeler (see below).
  2. If you are using the adapter to connect to multiple QuickBooks companies, enter the desired site name in the SITE field (Figure 5.3).  If you’re just using one QuickBooks company, leave the field blank.  If you’re using Peachtree, enter DEFAULT in the Site field.


Figure 5.3


  1. If you are using QuickBooks with classes enabled, enter the desired GL Class in the GL Class field (Figure 5.4).  Otherwise, leave this field blank.


Figure 5.4


  1. Hit Save when you’re finished.  (Figure 5.5)


Figure 5.5


*The Adapter will need to be running at all times that you intend to use AccuCOUNT.  This is because AccuCOUNT does not store items in a database is needs to be able to update and refresh from the accounting program at anytime.

**If you plan to use AccuCOUNT with the Wasp Labeler Program to create Barcode Labels please refer to the Wasp Labeler – AccuCOUNT Guide.


Set the Scanner Port


The ScanPal connects to the computer via a serial port.  You need to know what serial port is being used by the ScanPal in order for it to communicate with AccuCOUNT.  To find the ports available on your computer you can look in Windows Hardware Manager.  The hardware manager can be found under Control Panel>> System>> Hardware Tab>> Device manager. About three-quarters of the way down the list click on PORTS and you should see the COM ports available on your computer.  Typically, there is only one COM port available.  Remember this number.


  1. Go to Setup -> Settings and Registration (Figure 6.1).  The AccuCOUNT Setup window appears.


Figure 6.1


  1. Enter the Scanner Port number in the field.  (Figure 6.2)


Figure 6.2


  1. Select ScanPal2 as your scanner interface.  (Figure 6.3)


Figure 6.3


  1. Hit Save when you’re finished.


*If you receive errors saying that AccuCOUNT can’t connect to the ScanPal, chances are that you have the wrong port number entered here. Try the other COM ports that were in the Hardware Manager and Save again.


Uploading the Program to the ScanPal


AccuCOUNT uses a custom program that must be installed to use the Metro logic ScanPal to work with AccuCOUNT.  To upload this program into the ScanPal:


  1. First turn on the Scan Pal and hit number 3 for Utilities.  Now press number 6 for Download Program File.
  2. The ScanPal will now display “Connecting…”  Place it in the cradle.
  3. From AccuCOUNT, click Setup -> Upload Program to Scanner.  (Figure 7.1)


Figure 7.1


  1. AccuCOUNT will then display a window showing the status of the download.  Once the download is complete, you will be taken back to the AccuCOUNT main screen.


Uploading the Lookup File to the ScanPal


AccuCOUNT uses a lookup file to help the ScanPal verify that the item you are scanning exists in you accounting software.  This can be useful when receiving inventory because the ScanPal will know the value of the items you are receiving in.


  1. First turn on the ScanPal and hit number 3 for Utilities.  Now press number 8 for Download Lookup.
  2. The ScanPal will now display “Connecting…”  Place it in the cradle.
  3. From AccuCOUNT, click on Tasks -> Adjustments (Figure 8.1).  The Adjustments window displays.


Figure 8.1


  1. Click Refresh from Accounting (Figure 8.2) and wait for AccuCOUNT to grab the item list from the accounting software.


Figure 8.2


  1. Click Setup -> Create and Upload Scanner Lookup File (Figure 8.3).


Figure 8.3


  1. AccuCOUNT will then display a window showing the status of the download.  Once the download is complete, you will be taken back to the AccuCOUNT main screen.



Congratulations!! AccuCOUNT is now setup!  For instructions on performing Adjustments and Receiving with AccuCOUNT, please refer to those specific guides.