Setting a Sales Price for Items

Promotional sales are usually an important part of a stores business marketing and growth. For a permanent price change on an item, the price should be changed in the accounting software, but for temporary sales price changes, sales prices can be configured inside AccuPOS.

The sales prices can be configured two different ways: a general percentage discount on an item (15% off), or a quantity discount on an item (two for $3).

To set a sales price for an item:

  1. In the Items Management Screen, select the item from the list window and click Item Sales Price. The Add new sales price window appears.

  2. By default, the box next to On the Item is checked. This means that the sales price will only affect that one item. Uncheck the box to apply the sales price to all items of that item’s TYPE. For more information on setting item TYPEs, please refer to your specific accounting inventory setup (Peachtree, QuickBooks).

  3. Choose a start and end date period. The correct format would be 10/01/2012 for October 10th, 2012. A time is not required although it can be set after the date as well.

  4. If a percentage discount is being set, enter the Discount % field. Hit OK to exit the Add new sales price window when finished.

  5. If a quantity discount is being set, first click the Switch to Quantity Discount button.

  6. Enter the selected quantity and price for that quantity. Hit OK to exit the Add new sales price window.

If the box next to the On the Item is unchecked, the price will affect all items of that type. Say for example that there is to be a special for buying 2 Pepsi 1 Liters for $5 but the special is to cover all Pepsi 1 Liter products, such as Diet and regular Pepsi. By creating a sales quantity discount for the entire type, assuming all items share the same type, this discount can be configured inside AccuPOS.