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Katie Colburn

pos system biographyAs a waitress for over a decade and the daughter of a convenience store owner, Katie Colburn has been working with points of sale since she was tall enough to reach a cash register. Born in 1982, Colburn is the middle of three children and the only girl. Originally from upstate New York, Colburn moved to New York City to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management.

While struggling as a student in a big new city, Colburn kept herself afloat with various waitressing jobs. Her passion for food and business has kept her close to point of sale systems as a restaurant consultant, even since leaving her family’s convenience store over ten years ago. When not working in restaurants, Katie can be found trying new spots around New York and occasionally cooking up a meal for herself and her husband, John.

Colburn is now contributing to, bringing a wealth of knowledge on all things point of sale, retail and food service. Although she may miss autumns in upstate New York, she has mastered the art of hailing a cab and appreciates a good slice of pizza.
Colburn has worked with points of sale and witnessed the evolution of the systems and software for nearly two decades. She has a great understanding on how the systems enhance the customer’s experience and having the proper system can benefit a business.

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