A Beautiful Partnership Between Quickbooks and a QuickBooks POS by AccuPOS

AccuPOS is a QuickBooks POS

For those accounting folks out there, you probably know and understand how to use the accounting program QuickBooks. However, you might not yet be aware that your life just got a little bit easier. QuickBooks is no longer alone; it now has a faithful partner in AccuPOS. The marriage of these two entities has produced an incredibly intelligent offspring: a QuickBooks POS by AccuPOS.

The Beginning of the Union

If you thought QuickBooks on its own was blessing for your business, you’re going to be overjoyed to know that the QuickBooks POS by AccuPOS practically does it all except bring you coffee in the morning (you have an intern for that!).

  • Though the original QuickBooks financial management program is very user-friendly, it needed a boost to be elevated into the category of outstanding.
  • This is where a QuickBooks POS by AccuPOS comes in. The integration of QuickBooks by Intuit and AccuPOS covers all aspects of accounting, financial management, and monetary recordkeeping.

QuickBooks POS: Let’s Break It Down

Now for the details.

  • Picture QuickBooks and AccuPOS point of sale software reading each other’s minds.
  • Now imagine all that information being combined and stored together so that neither entity misses a trick.
  • Everything you enter into QuickBooks is processed by the POS software and added to a local database.
  • The process is effortless, and allows you to utilize the screen of the QuickBooks POS by AccuPOS during customer checkout.
  • Organize the screen however you would like (arranging and rearranging icons and items); just know that the partnership will keep track of all transactions and sales information, updating the QuickBooks POS by AccuPOS automatically when you z-out.

 The Added Bonus

Those of you looking to record other sales transactions, have no fear.

  • The QuickBooks POS by AccuPOS can keep track of everything from web and mail orders to special purchases.
  • You’ll be blown away by the detailed and intricate accounting review that the software will provide.

Serious Accolades for QuickBooks POS by AccuPOS

And the reviews speak to the fundamental merits of the QuickBooks POS by AccuPOS.

  • The QuickBooks POS by AccuPOS system has been given a 9.5 out of 10 by satisfied customers in the categories of Reliability, Technical Support, Overall Quality, and Customer Recommendation.
  • Why didn’t anyone consider this marriage sooner? It seems to be the solution everyone was waiting for, from small business owners to larger companies to heads of less traditional businesses.
  • Good thing it’s here– and good thing everyone has the chance to enter into this very special partnership.