Black Friday + Cyber Monday = Retail POS Software Season

December is upon us and this holiday season promises to continue to be one of the highest-volume quarters for companies big and small since Lehman Brothers crashed and spurned the consumer market, from Wall Street to Main Street, into economic mayhem. Already, the Thanksgiving bookend dates of Black Friday and Cyber Monday have set sales records across the United States. Moreover, the grassroots movement of Small Business Saturday has proven to be a boon for local businesses utilizing retail POS software as well.

Retailers’ sales smash holiday records

So what’s behind the huge turnout for retailers across the nation? To start with, deals on new tablets, toys, and treasures offered at Black Friday sales (some pre-Black Friday, starting on Thursday – happy Thanksgiving!) drew queues longer than those at 7-Eleven for Powerball tickets this week. Secondly, it appears that consumers are finally ready to throw some caution to the wind, put the looming fiscal cliff out of sight and mind, and let their credit cards loose (another gain for retail POS software).

What does this mean for companies’ bottom line?

A prosperous holiday season provides a great opportunity for companies to up-sell, cross-sell, and increase customer loyalty with their retail POS software programs. A study by technology firm Synquera reported by the Sacramento Bee estimates that merchants with retail POS software vastly underutilize their ability to maximize client loyalty and, consequently, maximize sales. Periods of heavy volume such as the holiday season benefit greatly through accounting integration with retail POS software. Real-time integration allows for a seamless harmonization between retail POS software, credit and debit card swiping, accounting, inventory, and time sheets.

In order to maximize the output of retail POS software one should make sure the system offers the following:

  • Value for any retailer, whether two-person start-up or multi-location conglomerate
  • Retail POS software that is specifically designed to work with the best hardware on the market
  • An intuitive interface that allows any level of user, from amateur to

    cash register connoisseur, to learn the system

  • PCI compliance
  • Integration

So, what are the end results for retailers with POS software?  Optimal retail POS software will ultimately engender greater consumer spending and stockings stuffed fuller for the holidays, followed by greater client loyalty and maximized profits for the New Year and years to come.