Customer of the Month, Dec. 2011 – Breukelen Bier Merchants

Breukelen Bier Merchants on AccuPOS Point of Sale

“The Accupos POS management system has proved to be invaluable to our business.  With seamless credit card transactions, inventory control/management and reporting capabilities, Accupos allows us to remain focused on managing our business by providing amazing functionality.  By choosing Accupos POS Software we are able to maintain a  competitive edge in the retail workspace when it comes to processing transactions and tracking inventory.  It is user friendly and it”s simplicity is one of its greatest features”. – Greg Golembiowski, Co-owner of Breukelen Bier Merchants.

Greg and Denise”s experience with AccuPOS is a perfect example of how keeping everything integrated and under one roof can really simplify your business giving the business owner more time to focus on customers and growth…what is truly important.  Breukelen Bier Merchants are users of AccuPOS, AccuSHIFT, AccuPOS Gift Cards, integrated merchant services with Mercury Payment Systems and Quickbooks.

“From the beginning, Denise and Greg have been eager to take advantage of their new Point of Sale system and it has been exciting for us to help them.  They opened a brand new business and hit the ground running with great attitudes to match.  They are fantastic to work with and truly an inspiration to small business today.” – Eliza Steel, Director of Client Relations

Who is Breukelen Bier Merchants?

A retail AND food service environment focusing on the art of craft beer.  If you are a beer drinker, be it casual or heavy, or if you are just interested in it”s history then this is the place for you.  Many people are wine connoisseurs and not as known are their counterparts the beer connoisseurs.  Craft breweries make up more than 95% of breweries in the US which means a richer flavor, 6MM barrells or less produced per year, AND less than 25% ownership by a big alcoholic beverage company.  What does this mean?  Not only are they educating our beer drinking citizens with every glass or bottle but they are supporting the US economy while doing it.  That is true American Small Business.

If you are in Brooklyn, New York….don”t miss this stop.  Go to for location, hours and more wonderful information.

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