Fill Out That Bracket and Bring the Luck of the Irish to Your Business’ POS System

easter-bunny-2Unfortunately for the Irish (and those who wish they were Irish), the spirit of St. Patrick has departed for the year; now March Madness is here and we all know what that means. Easter bunnies? Check. Better weather? We certainly hope so. NCAA basketball? Most definitely. All of the above means big business for restaurants and retailers. As the college basketball brackets are narrowed down, more and more customers will file into bars and restaurants, while chocolate rabbits, marshmallow Peeps, and novelty items will fly off the shelves for Easter. Better weather equals more people going out in general. So how can you maximize your POS software for bars, restaurants, and stores?

Spring has sprung for retail stores

While we’ve had a few outliers in weather patterns (ahem, impending Northeast snowstorm), all evidence points to a bright and sunny first day of spring for most. The start of this season is the perfect time to make sure your POS software is updated and ready to accommodate an influx of customers. Easter is here, so retail stores selling novelty items and gourmet sweets should be sure their POS software is equipped to handle gift cards and loyalty cards. Passover is also upon us, so stores offering prepared (and unprepared) foods should be ready for the same.

Raising the bars (and restaurants)

NCAA basketball season is also a hectic time for food and beverage companies. Therefore, the best POS software for bars and restaurants should include reliable accounting integration and be PCI compliant. With a massive incursion of bar tabs at odd hours, merchants should take every measure to prevent human error in accounting. This would also be an especially inopportune time for restaurants using POS software to have fees and fines assessed for not following PCI compliance laws. Taking the appropriate precautions will allow restaurants, bars and lounges to raise and set the bar for POS software with accounting integration.

Hedge your bets by ensuring that your POS software follows these guidelines:

  • Your POS software and hardware should synchronize and should work with the most optimal hardware on the market.
  • Endorsements are everything; POS software that has earned awards from accounting programs such as QuickBooks and Sage will ensure a seamless integration process while eliminating human error.
  • Make sure you’re compliant!  Avoid the headache of unnecessary fees and abide by all PCI compliance laws. PCI compliance between your business and your merchant service provider will securely encrypt and safeguard clients’ credit card data.