New Year’s Resolution Time! What about Android POS Software?

As Christmas is fast approaching, it’s almost time to start considering the dreaded resolutions that inevitably accompany the start of a new year (and are usually just as quickly discarded, like the reindeer wrapping and fruitcake). The usual suspects will all be here soon enough: losing five pounds, quitting smoking, recycling more, spending less time in front of the television/computer/tablet and more time with actual humans. So, in the spirit of thinking outside the gift wrapping, what can businesses strive for as their own New Year’s resolution?

Everything you don’t, Droid does

Android POS software provides a great start to a new year. It can be used on any Android tablet or Android phone (so much for spending less time with your gadgets), and is just another advancement in the pursuit of industry-leading accounting integration. Employees using Android POS software will be able to send orders directly from diners’ tables with the same reliability as standard restaurant POS software, while eliminating the ever-present conundrum of too many cooks in the kitchen.

Check, please!

How many times have you spent an inordinate amount of time waiting for your wine, your entrée, and your dessert, only to find yourself then waiting for the tab once the meal has ended? Anyone can relate to the feeling of just wanting to pay and go home, rather than prolonging the process even more than necessary. Unlike restaurants in Western Europe and particularly in London, where it is commonplace to ask for the check and pay your bill in one fell swoop, restaurants in the United States have generally yet to embrace the concept of mobile payments. Android POS software enables diners to receive their checks, swipe their credit cards, and leave sizable tips without the server ever leaving the table.

Android POS software can help minimize extraneous steps in service and increase client retention in the following ways:

  • It eliminates the need for hardware; all you need is an Android tablet.
  • Android POS software on your tablet integrates your accounting, merchant services, inventory, and sales logistics seamlessly.
  • It prevents access to personal data, and will not alter or delete any files.
  • Best of all, Android POS software saves clients time and businesses money, thus resulting in greater customer loyalty.

What better business resolution than a brand new app for a brand new year? This may hold off tablet separation anxiety until next year”s resolution.