Ultimate Resource To Write A Business Plan

As a business owner or manager, you may have to think about what you need concerning the elements of a business plan. Most times, a business plan is designed for convincing someone – usually a lender (bank), in order to finance its planned projects. So most startup businesses need certain funding to either finance the start-up the company or pay for a project, which can be in the upper six figures even today. Office rent will be paid, work material is required and you may need additional personnel.

The capital reserves of an individual are often not enough. However, a business concept you created for your business will serve to substantiate your ideas and that means you will never lose sight of the goal. By writing business plans, it is therefore important to be as factual, concrete and precise as possible and to make formal in-house advertising.

Here are the some excellent resources to guide you when you decide to write a business plan:

HarvardThis is the 0fficial site of Harvard University. It shows you how to properly write a business plan.

UPennUniversity of Pennsylvania’s official website for business plans.

UWexWant to learn how to properly write a business plan… Click here!

LVMCCLas Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce shows you the right way of writing business plans.

Baker UniversityOfficial Baker University website with all the information you need for writing business plans.

HBS.EduLearn everything you need to know about business plans by clicking on this educational site first.

KY.govKentucky’s official government website that features a page on business plans.

Realtor.orgThis is the only real realtor’s guide to writing the prefect business plan.

NC.govNC’s official government website featuring everything you need to know concerning business plan information.

SBAThis is the Small Business Administration’s official website.

Business Plan ToolsGrantspace.org’s resource for business plans that comes with related links.

UDayton.EduUniversity of Dayton’s official website loaded with plenty of links on properly writing business plans.

Washington.govWashington state’s official government website featuring business plan info.

Business plansPremier site for all things business plans that comes with related links.

Beginning FarmersSimple website featuring numerous tips for writing business plans.

SBA DenverDenver’s official SBA website which covers business-related ideas like writing business plans.

Business Plan ConsultingWebsite that explains all things concerning business plans.

EPALearning how to write business plans via the EPA.

Resource LinksThis site is filled with links to help you with the preparation and writing of business plans.

Colorado StateThis is Colorado’s official website for all things business. It covers everything from writing business plans to submitting them to financial institutions.

Business Plan ToolkitThis site has free business plan toolkits and links to help you write the perfect business plan.

Columbus LibraryThis is the Columbus’ official library that has plenty of help tips on writing business plans.

FAMEThis is Maine’s official finance authority website.

Gov.UKYou don’t need to live in the UK’s to take advantage of the official website for writing business plans the right way.

Columbia.EduColumbia University’s official website helping people with business plans.

Prospects UKThe UK’s official graduate careers website

SBDCWashington State’s Small Business Network designed to help people write the perfect business plan.

My Own BusinessGet your very own free checklist and start your own business free using this website

Carnegie LibraryCarnegie’s very own resource library gives you a number of ways to improve your business plan

FAU CompetitionHave a sold business concept? Join FAU’s Business Plan competition!

SHRMSociety for Human Resource Management is here to help you with your business plan management.