It seems like every week a new weather-related catastrophe is upon us. As New England gears up for a potentially record-breaking snowstorm, lawmakers everywhere from New York to Boston are warning citizens to leave work early and stay at home. Contrarily, we at AccuPOS would advise you to increase your mobility by using the best POS software for Android. While climate and technology seem to change more drastically every year (or week), businesses can adapt just as easily by using the simplest, most perceptive mobile POS software available.

Let the good times roll

Even if you’re stuck at home, that doesn’t mean your POS software has to be kept in place. In fact, many of the best ideas have occurred as a result of mindful, stationary introspection. So, if you already have the most up-to-date POS software and hardware, what can you do to improve? You can approach your business in the same way that you approach leisure: by using the most mobile technology.

A tablet for everyone and everything

Who would have envisioned several years ago that you’d be able to cash a check, watch Game of Thrones, and check your email all from the same device? Apart from those in technological professions, probably not many. Even restaurant futurists probably never anticipated that you’d be able to ask for your check, swipe your credit card, and have your receipt in hand without your server ever leaving the table.

The best mobile POS software for restaurants should offer the following:


  • Speed, portability, and ease of using a wireless device like an Android tablet or smartphone.
  • Seamless, efficient, and smooth customer transactions.
  • Integration with your accounting, inventory, merchant services, and sales information.
  • The elimination of need for traditional POS hardware.
  • Special features that can be combined with your existing Android apps.
  • Secure separation from the personal information, data, or files already stored on your device.


AccuPOS’ restaurant POS software for Android will save businesses and customers time and money with its enhanced instinctive design. In addition to being tailored to fit a variety of restaurants (from takeout and delivery to fine dining, bars, and nightclubs), the new version will do even more to ensure that any user, whether amateur or advanced, from maître d’ to manager, will be comfortable with the interface in a matter of minutes. Let the cabin fever kick in!