Today our nation was met with the news that Pauline Phillips, better known as the syndicated advice columnist “Dear Abby,” passed away on Wednesday. While “Abby” and her one-time rival (and twin sister) Ann Landers readily dispensed advice on topics ranging from personal relationships to personal finance, one subject they did not cover extensively was small business, a relatively new standalone news topic. Some advice our clients have asked initially is simply what POS software is right for them and whether POS software can be tailored to individual restaurants and retailers.

Starting out

New relationships can incite many different emotions in new business owners, from excitement to apprehension. The relationship with your POS software should not be one that causes anxiety. Like all relationships, you can get the most bang for your buck by investing in meaningful, symbiotic interactions from the beginning. This means building your business (or personal relationship) with a long-term goal. This also means keeping yourself open to new experiences and maintaining an honest, centralized connection.

Investing long-term

Once you’ve settled on a customized POS software system designed especially for your restaurant or retail store, how do you keep the spark in your relationship?  One way is to integrate your accounting program with your POS software.  This will open doors to functions you probably were not aware existed on your system. For instance, would you expect that your POS software and accounting integration would keep track of your rent and electrical bills? Probably not. Investing in reputable POS software from the beginning will ultimately pay for itself in the long run.

AccuPOS is a veteran POS software developer that integrates with QuickBooks, Sage 50, and Simply Accounting while synchronizing accounting and inventory. How, you might ask, will AccuPOS pay for itself over time?

By offering the following:

  • Bank reconciliation with no incongruity between your accounting statement and your bank statement.
  • The elimination or reduction of the need for superfluous bookkeeping.
  • Integration with CRM.
  • Tracking sales trends in real time from any location, by the hour, day, or month.


The best advice one can receive when starting a new business is to always consider that the amount of money your company is earning should exceed the money it is spending. Line item accounting integration matches all income information against payout decisions. Being well-informed is a central proponent of any valuable relationship. This includes your accounting and POS software.