We all know that AccuPOS’ POS systems are most frequently used inhow-to-make-a-dirty-martini restaurants and retail stores. Small businesses that do not usually come to mind include bars, kiosks, and food trucks. In reality, however, POS systems are often crucial to these smaller offshoots of restaurants and retailers. For all we hear and speak about faster, less tedious restaurant service (e.g., the server running to and from table to POS system with the check and credit card and back again; all solved by mobile POS software!), we often forget that bars are examples of venues where speed is crucial to the very nature of the business.

The bar is high

More and more today, I see bartenders moving faster than ever. Why is this? Have they attended some sort of elemental mixology class that makes them superior scientists in the beverage trade? (Full disclosure: Elemental Mixology is a class I have been taking in downtown Los Angeles, where I strongly believe that I have become more of a beverage connoisseur than I thought I would ever be). But in all seriousness, what makes a good bartender? What qualities do you personally look for in a decent drink? Does the bartender make the bar, or are high-quality ingredients and a decent POS system the determining factors?

Bottoms up, top down

The truth is that all of the aforementioned are imperative to the holistic bar experience. If we think of what we most enjoy about our favorite bars, it’s easy to visualize and implement them into your own business. A good bartender should be knowledgeable, amicable, and somewhat omniscient in his or her ability to cater to a span of customers at once. S/he should be able to suggest drinks for those who are wavering or unsure of what to order. S/he should not try to upsell customers on vodkas like Grey Goose unless they specifically ask for it; vodkas typically have no taste at all, so gouging customers for a Grey Goose cosmopolitan seems in poor taste (not that cosmopolitans themselves are not).

High-quality ingredients go a long way toward improving the overall bar experience. This doesn’t (always) mean choosing certain brands over others, although Grand Marnier, for example, is one type of brandy liqueur that is pretty much incomparable.

Finally, a good bar POS system is crucial. Just as you want your bartender fast and intuitive, you want the same in a POS system. Add equal parts bartender, ingredients, and POS system, and these should be all the makings of the perfect business cocktail.