The season for makeovers of all capacities is upon the nation, what with the annual Oscar ceremony on tap for Sunday, the , and promising new technologies showcased at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Not to be outdone, AccuPOS has tested its POS software on Windows 8 Pro tablets and (drumroll, please) is now certified for the Windows platform.

Not your father’s Windows

The highly-anticipated release of Microsoft’s Surface tablet brought the requisite mixed reviews, although the consensus seems to be that the new operating system is a complete renovation of the old Windows. The new operating system is by and large a “one-size-fits-all” operating system for personal computers, laptops, and tablets alike.

AccuPOS’ window in the future

Following its newest version”s compatibility with the Linux and Android platforms, this is only the latest, most innovative step in AccuPOS’ POS software and hardware evolution. After all, most forecasters predict that the proliferation and popularity of the tablet will eventually render the laptop obsolete. The mobility of the Windows 8 Pro release will allow AccuPOS’ clients to experience all of the benefits of its more traditional software without the burden of being stuck in one place.

Combining the benefits and mobility of Windows 8 Pro tablets with AccuPOS’ POS software will give restaurants and retail stores these future returns on their investments:

• Speed, portability, and ease of using a Windows 8 Pro tablet.

• Seamless, efficient, and smooth customer transactions.

• Integration with your inventory, merchant services, accounting, and sales information.

• The elimination of need for conventional POS hardware.

• Special features that can be combined with your existing apps.

• Protected separation from the personal information, data, or files already stored on your device.

Restaurant and retail POS software users (as well as merchant clients) will benefit immeasurably with the expansion of AccuPOS’ selection of mobile products.