So it appears that we’ve successfully survived the Mayan apocalypse and are headed into 2013 in mere hours (on the West Coast, at least. The champagne cork has been popped in Australia, Asia, and Europe already).  Restaurants across the world are getting ready to crack open their own bottles of bubbly and retailers are preparing for year-end sales. What better way to ring in the new year than by avoiding your own fiscal cliff and resolving to save time and money with your point of sale system?

A toast to setting the standard in accounting integration

One way to avoid the holiday hangover is to increase your level of productivity with your accounting software. Whether restaurant or retailer, nobody wants double the work. Just ask our nation’s senators, who were chagrined to find out they would have to work the weekend before New Year’s Day in order to avoid economic mayhem. AccuPOS’ point of sale software allows for seamless integration with QuickBooks and Sage while increasing the speed of sales and maintaining inventory management.

Resolutions for restaurants and retailers

In the spirit of the ubiquitous New Year’s resolutions as well as our astronomical technological advances, the most pertinent resolution for point of sale users should be to reduce human error. This doesn’t mean replacing your wait staff and sales clerks with non-sadistic HAL 9000s but, rather, making logical choices about your point of sale system, its add-ons, and merchant service providers.

Count down the seconds with these helpful point of sale software tips:

  • Simplify your accounting! It’s hard to stress how imperative it is to have your accounting program integrate with your point of sale program.
  • PCI compliance is paramount. Not only will you avoid unwarranted (and unwanted) fees, you can rest assured knowing that your credit card transactions are secured.
  • Go mobile. Saltwater and freshwater economists alike predict that the laptop’s doomsday is inevitable and closer than we think. Why not use your Android tablet or phone to process your sales?

As any reputable financial adviser will tell you, diversification is key, hence AccuPOS’ ability to cater to restaurants and retailers of all stripes. Your point of sale system should be tailored to fit your business’s needs precisely. Bespoke suits may be a bygone trend, but your point of sale system should be customized.