Although the food truck phenomenon got its start roughly at the end of the Civil War, it has reached an epic level of trendiness only in the past several years. Partially driven by the rise of Facebook and Twitter (which made it easier to track the movement of the food trucks), gourmet food trucks such as Roy Choi’s Kogi Korean Barbecue truck and the Umami Burger truck have spawned queues around Los Angeles longer than the Patriots’ winning streak. Now AccuPOS too offers restaurant POS software for any mobile street food business.

If you can’t beat them, join them

Despite initial opposition from many established businesses that saw the food truck fad as a threat to their traditional turf, laws have been passed across the country to better accommodate food trucks. Now, what were traditionally considered brick-and-mortar establishments like Santa Monica’s Border Grill have succumbed to street food smarts and are rolling their own trucks through town. They recognized what many in the digital age had already acknowledged: that the best way to increase customer retention was to literally bring the business to the client. Thus, restaurant POS software can now be run on mobile platforms as well.

Haute cuisine meets meals on wheels

Think all food trucks have to offer are burgers and tacos? Think again. Try gourmet grilled cheeses, specialties by celebrity chef Mario Batali, and Ludo Lefebvre’s LudoTruck.  Food critics from major national newspapers and magazines have begun to include the trucks amongst their most esteemed reviews. Zagat now includes food trucks in its ratings. Just as consumer palates have become more expansive and complex, so has restaurant POS software. As consumer lifestyles have become more on-the-go, mobile platforms for restaurant POS software have helped to make food truck fare an affordable alternative to sit-down restaurants while still providing inspiring, authentic, and international options.

Restaurants with an interest in joining the mobile mania can take advantage of restaurant POS software with the following attributes:

  • Restaurant POS software on a wireless device (because what better way to make all aspects of the business portable?).
  • Award-winning restaurant POS software that follows PCI compliancy laws and works seamlessly with various accounting programs, whether QuickBooks, Peachtree, or Simply Accounting.
  • Integrative gift cards and loyalty cards that keep clients coming back – wherever the current location of the truck.

Investing in the best restaurant POS software for food trucks can give businesses a new and innovative revenue stream while keeping their stationary businesses rolling too.