It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Android POS software! If you thought point of sale software was cool in and of itself, check out its ability to work with Android wireless devices. It’s literally like magic.

  1. Android Wireless Devices

Feel free to use POS software with the following devices:

  • Android tablet
  • Android phone with Android Point of Sale app by AccuPOS
  • The best part about it is AccuPOS Android POS Software can never access the personal information, data, or files stored on your device
  1.  Incredible Functionality

The functionality of the AccuPOS application for Android is unbelievable. That’s right, practically mind-boggling.

  • Integrate your accounting, inventory, merchant services, and sales information using your Android wireless device
  • Don’t spend all that extra money on hardware – your Android is all you need!
  • Many of the special features that come with your Android cell phone or tablets can be combined with your Android POS software
  1.  Your Customers Won’t Believe It
  • Make customer transactions seamless, efficient, and smooth
  • A customer’s least favorite part of the restaurant experience is waiting for the check to be processed
  • With Android POS Software, servers can literally stand at a customer’s table, access the check, swipe a credit card, and issue a receipt… almost instantaneously
  • How’s that for service?
  1. Light My Fire

Restaurant kitchens (as well as retail back rooms) can be scary for waitstaff (and sales associates). Chefs cursing, expediters yelling, plates crashing. What if servers could cut down on the amount of time they have to spend in this hellish environment?

  • No more sprinting to the register or kitchen to place an order
  • Servers can use Android POS Software to send orders directly from the floor to the fire
  1. The Wave of the Future

Remember those tiny, sad, little pads of paper waitresses and sales associates used to use to record orders and transactions?

  • Now think about the speed, portability, and ease of using a wireless device like the Android tablet or phone
  • The difference is like night and day
  • With the Android POS Software by AccuPOS, your business will be leagues ahead of other businesses that are stuck in the past…trust us