A small business is hard enough to run. You’re dealing with potential disasters at every turn: unreliable vendors, unexpected equipment breakdowns and associated costs, confusing insurance claims and other administrative problems, inventory headaches, and scheduling conflicts, among many other small business nightmares.

All of this aside, small business owners want to know they’ve hired the best staff they can get.

And with a great staff comes great responsibility.

Employees want to know they’re working with efficient and intelligent technology, which is why POS software for small business is absolutely essential in guaranteeing a business’s success.

Be There (on Time) or Be Square

With POS software for small business, punching in and out will become ancient history. It gives an owner the ability to accurately reward those employees who are perpetually early or on time, and to give late employees a little slap on the wrist (without worrying if the finicky, old timeclock was actually right)…

  • AccuPOS offers AccuSHIFT, an integrated timeclock software that securely records the clock–in and clock–out times of all employees
  • The POS software’s records are then directly added to your accounting timesheets
  • Employees carry their own customized swipe cards for extra security
  • Your POS screen effortlessly initiates AccuSHIFT so that all software can be accessed using a single interface

It’s So Easy A Toddler Could Do It!

As a small business owner or manager, you value your time. In fact to you, time is money. One of the most important considerations in hiring new employees is that they be quick learners. However, with the POS software for small business, your employees can practically work with their eyes closed and one hand tied behind their back (okay –not literally) and the system would still be too easy.

  • n  The POS software for small business is designed for ease of use and intuitive actions
  • n  No more new equipment jitters–your employees will be comfortable with the software in minutes
  • n  Accuracy and speed will be the name of the game for all employees
  • n  Once employees learn how the interface works they’ll never forget: in other words, they will be POS experts (and perpetual fans) for life!