Regardless of where exactly you are geographically, you are most likely experiencing some volatile weather across the nation. Call it global warming, climate change, or just a fluke, but L.A. temperatures in the 40s are nothing to sneeze at. Unless you have the norovirus. Whatever your scientific opinion, snowstorms usually provide a moment of calm for establishments using restaurant POS software and retail POS software. You may ask yourself what you can do to make the most of this respite. What about updating your POS software by going mobile?

Rethinking the future

When we envision “the future,” what most likely comes to the forefront of your mind is technological advancement. Many of us read Nick Kristof, drive Prii, make efforts to be more sustainable and planet-conscious, and are coming around to the idea that we will have self-driving cars soon enough. However, taking your POS software mobile is a way you can be proactive in advancement, rather than just reactive.

Get it on the go

While making a conscious effort to recycle and use fuel-efficient cards, we might consider why we are taking these measures. The principle reason is most likely to leave behind a planet that is in, at the very least, the condition it is in while we are present. Why wouldn’t we make an effort to make our business sustainable as well? Android POS software is a step in the right direction. It will not only make your business more adaptable to unforeseen events (sometimes known as black swan events), but will make your establishment more amenable to consumers as well.

Android POS software can help minimize extraneous steps in service and increase client retention in the following ways:

  • It eliminates the need for hardware; all you need is an Android tablet.
  • Android POS software on your tablet integrates your accounting, merchant services, inventory, and sales logistics seamlessly.
  • It prevents access to personal data, and will not alter or delete any files.
  • Best of all, Android POS software saves clients time and businesses money, thus resulting in greater customer loyalty.


It’s no secret that we’re going to have to be more proactive in preparing for globalization, climate change, and technological advancements. POS software will not be left behind either, so it’s increasingly vital to your bottom line to keep your restaurants and retail stores up to date.