Why choose a PC based Point of Sale like AccuPOS that requires your time and efforts to get set up when you can buy a register that you can pull out of a box, plug into a socket, and put into play?  Simple, you care about your customers and you care about your money.  Its true PC Based Point of Sale systems such as AccuPOS have a more intricate and hands on installation process than a simple electric cash register, however, you set up the system once and that tedious work is done.  With a cash register the setup may be just a couple of steps but the work you will have to do every day to track your inventory and your accounting is trying; the reconciling alone could drive a person mad when they know there are PC Based Point of Sale systems that will do all of that mind numbing work for them and perfectly none the less.


AccuPOS, a PC Based Point of Sale system, will keep your customers happy
By the time a Customer has gathered everything they intend to purchase or handed a Waiter their cash for payment they are ready to leave and generally the last thing they want to do is wait a minute longer than they have to.  With a Cash Register you must hit this button, enter that price, hit that button, enter the next price, calculate tax, total, swipe on stand-alone credit card terminal, wait for approval and so forth.  With AccuPOS, the most advanced PC based Point of Sale in its field, you touch, touch, total, swipe, wait less than three seconds and you are done.  You are saying ‘thank you and come again’ before your customer has even eyed the door.  And if in the rare chance you must perform a return or credit, a PC based Point of Sale system can recall the initial sale making it simple to reconcile whereas with a register there is almost no recalling anything. With AccuPOS, you can even track your customers with a loyalty program and recall every purchase they have ever made; an electric Cash Register cannot do that or anything close.


A PC Based Point of Sale is proof you care about your money
With a PC Based Point of Sale, such as AccuPOS, you can track your incoming money by the item, group, type, however you wish.  And because this particular PC Based Point of Sale also integrates with your Accounting program and Merchant Services, you may also track your outgoing money and analyze everything with the various types of reports you now have the ability to run.   Knowing all of this information forces you to make more informed business decisions and this is only possible with a fully integrated PC Based Point of Sale.  The best part is that you clearly so much about your money you are able to completely remove human error from the equation that is your business; every penny will be accounted for right in your PC based Point of Sale system and reconciled perfectly in your accounting program.
In conclusion, if you are able, pick the PC Based Point of Sale for your business, chose AccuPOS Point of Sale.