Posted on: April 21, 2014

We have redesigned the AccuPOS Loyalty program, adding new several exciting new features including points-based rewards and the ability to run multiple rewards programs concurrently – increasing flexibility and the ability to fine-tune the rewards you want to offer. It is now easier to manage and track itemized rewards, all in one centrally managed program for all store locations.

With the new points system, your customers can earn points on either specific items in your AccuPOS database, or general item types, allowing you to promote the products you want to move the most. The time/date parameter feature allows you to encourage patronage during certain times, such a happy-hour specials or seasonal sales.

For a detailed list of features, view our Customer Loyalty webpage.

And view the Customer Loyalty online manual for in-depth detail.

Or if you have a question and need to speak with our Client Relations, call 800-906-5010,  x615.