Posted: July 2, 2014

Presenting the first entry in our new AccuPOS “Quick Tips” feature, in which we will share answers to frequently asked support questions and other helpful tidbits for improving your AccuPOS Point of Sale software experience. All published Quick Tips will be archived in this blog for future reference, be sure to check often for new posts!

AccuPOS Quick Tip #1: How to Fix the Most Common Z-out Error

We all hate seeing an error pop up at the end of our shift when we’re trying to Z-out and go home, and knowing an easy fix can save a good deal of time. The most common reason for Z-out errors is forgetting to make sure that all transactions are closed. This instruction manual will walk you step-by-step through closing any remaining open transactions so you can complete your Z-out and be on your way.

AccuPOS Quick Tip #2: Setting up Discount Buttons

Instead of changing the price manually every time you want to give a discount, create a permanent Discount Button that you can use it whenever you need. This instruction manual will show you how easy it is – just set up the button in management, drag and drop it onto your POS screen, and you’re ready to go.

Stay tuned for more AccuPOS Quick Tips, as well as software updates and new product info.

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