We at AccuPOS know that when it comes to setting up your Point of Sale there is a learning curve.  Just like any other type of technology, getting to know your AccuPOS Point of Sale is going to be easy as pie for some, while simultaneously it might make others queasy.  This is why AccuPOS gives you the tools you need to get familiar with your Point of Sale system at your own speed.    AccuPOS has put together a Step-by-Step guide for setting up your Point of Sale, which makes it possible to take your time or not.  The other wonderful tool that AccuPOS Point of Sale customers have is the ability to use the Point of Sale system in training mode.

A Step by Step Guide to your AccuPOS Point of Sale

The good news is the Step by Step guide is recommended practice for setting up your AccuPOS Point of Sale.  This process forces you to get to know your AccuPOS Point of Sale.  Some people prefer having someone set up their Point of Sale for them, but the reality is when that happens, the Customer ends up calling tech support a whole lot more due to lack of understanding.  Don’t get me wrong, AccuPOS Point of Sale Tech Support Agents are happy to talk to you, and very happy to help you.  Most importantly though, everyone at AccuPOS wants you to feel confident in your system and in our experience, the Step by Step Guide is the tool that will get

you there and ready for your Go Live date.  And remember, during this process, AccuPOS Point of Sale Tech support is there if you need help with any of these steps.

AccuPOS Point of Sale in training mode

Imagine being able to test out every circumstance with each individual staff member on your new Point of Sale: Sales, returns, split checks, etc.  And then, imagine having none of it recorded.  Well that is what training mode allows.  What this means is that you and your staff can really be ready for your Go Live date when that day is upon you.  Take advantage of this, use it, your Point of Sale wants you to.  What everyone says is true “Practice makes Perfect”, that applies to using your AccuPOS Point of Sale along with everything else in life.  The more comfortable you are, the more confident you are and ultimately the happier you are which makes us happier.  I mean isn’t that the goal…..for us to be happy?  Come on, even Point of Sale companies have a sense of humor :-)