Items that are sold in a different way than you purchased

Different Way than Purchased Setup Recipe

In this section we will be using a hamburger as an example. Our hamburger is really a collection of its basic ingredients: the hamburger patty, a few leaves of lettuce, a tomato slice and a bun.

One important thing to remember when running your restaurant’s inventory is some items you will want to keep detailed track of, and others you will not. It is in theory possible to keep track of your lettuce and tomato inventory, but considering the time and effort you will spend keeping track of each leaf of lettuce and tomato slice, is simply not worth it.

It is worth keeping track of your hamburger buns as they are easily counted, and, as long as you buy your hamburger in pre-cut patties, it is very easy and worthwhile to keep track of them individually as well. You will need to work out how you keep track of your lettuce, tomatoes, etc as non-inventory items .

Before moving forward, you will need to set up your hamburger buns and hamburger patties as inventoried items.

Once those are all set, follow these steps:


  1. Go to Lists  Item List.  The Item List window appears.

    .quickbooks item list

  2. Click on Item  New.  The New Item window appears.

    quickbooks new item

  3. Select Non-inventory Part from the type pull-down.

    non-inventory part

  4. We’ll fill out the following information:

    Item Name/Number: Hamburger
    Description: Regular Hamburger Lettuce & Tomato
    Price: 6.95
    Tax Code: Tax
    Account: Food

    Once these are set, click OK.

    hamburger inventory part example

  5. Then, in AccuPOS Management, Manage  Items List

    pos manage items list

  6. Scroll down and find the Hamburger item (or use the search field), then double-click the Recipes field (you may have to use the bar on the bottom of the table to scroll over and find the Recipes field.)

    item manage recipe

  7. The Recipes screen will appear.

    Scroll down the Item List on the left pane to find each inventoried ingredient and double-click it to include it in the Items in Recipe pane on the right.

    If you need to remove an ingredient, highlight it on the right pane and click the Remove button.

    manage recipe screen

  8. Click Save & Close once you have finished. Now, every time you sell a Hamburger at the Point of Sale, one hamburger patty and one bun will be deducted from your inventory.

    Below is what the QuickBooks receipt looks like once the hamburger is sold.

    quickbooks sales receipt