Items that are a combination of multiple items

pos combination of multiple items

NOTE: these instructions are only for Premier and Enterprise versions of QuickBooks

  1. This section is for inventoried items that are grouped together and priced as one, either with a discount or without.

    First, go to Lists  Item List.  The Item List window appears.

    .quickbooks item list

  2. Click on Item  New.  The New Item window appears.

    quickbooks new item

  3. Select Group from the Type pull-down on the top left.

    Fill out the Group’s details. This includes the Group Name/Item Number, Hamburger Combo #1. Also is it’s description Hamburger, Fries and a Medium Fountain Drink, which will be printed on the customer’s receipt. Also, if you choose to route this item to a remote printer (salad station printer, bar, grille, etc), this is the description that will be used to identify the item (note that only the first 25 characters will be printed.)

    Then, under the Item column in the bottom section, choose the individual items that will make up the group. For this we have selected Hamburger and Fries, Medium and Fountain Drink, Medium, all with the default quantity of 1.

    restaurant pos new group item

    If you do not wish to give a discount to the grouped items, click OK, as you are done with setting up this group. Your Combo group will be sold at the Point of Sale at the cumulative price of its individual items, which is $9.85.

    If you wish to apply a discount to the group, proceed to the next step.

  4. The discount applied to any group item in QuickBooks needs to be created as a new Discount in the Type pull-down menu. You can have as many discounts as you need, and you can re-use the same discount for different groups that you create. In our example, we will make an attractive price for our combo meal; we will change the price from $9.85 to $7.99.

    Create a New Item from the Item List, then select Discount from the Type pull-down.

    Figure out how much you would like to discount this group. In the example, our combo meal has a cumulative price of $9.85. As we want to sell the combo at the price of $7.99, we have a price difference of $1.86, which we would use as the basis for our discount Item Type.

    Fill out the Item Name/Number as Discount $1.86. The Description will be what prints on the customer’s receipt. The Amount will the actual discount that QuickBooks deducts, so put in 1.86, and the Account is selected as Food. Determine the Group’s Tax Code, then click OK.

    restaurant pos discount item description

  5. Going back to the Hamburger Combo Group menu, we need to add our new discount to the Group’s individual items. Simply click for a new item from the pull-down menu on the bottom left and find your new discount. Click OK when you are done.

    Now every time you sell a combo meal, this discount will be applied at the Point of Sale, and it will also will show up on your QuickBooks receipts as well.

    restaurant pos add discount