AccuCOUNT on Android Handheld – Opening App and Overview

We designed AccuCOUNT on the Widefly handheld device to be as efficient and as simple as possible.

Use the list below to skip to a certain feature, or browse through the pages the the ‘next section’ buttons at the bottom of each page:

Charging, powering on the device and opening AccuCOUNT
Adjust Counts

Receive Items
Manage Prices
Re-Send Receipts

Re-Send Adjustment

Once you unpackaged the device, you’ll need to do the initial setup process with our tech support, who can be reached at 888-265-4767. When the initial setup is completed, simply follow the instructions below.

Charging, powering on the device and opening AccuCOUNT

Be sure that your management computer is on and and that it has AccuSERVER running.

Power on the device using the button on the top right edge. Just like a cell phone, you’ll need to swipe the lock icon to the right or left to get to the main screen.

Be sure and take note of the battery power icon on the top right of the screen. If the power indicator is 1/4 capacity or below, we suggest you plug in the power adapter to the USB on the bottom edge,or place the device in its charging cradle if you have one.

If available, you could also swap the battery with a charged one, but be sure and power off the device (hold down the power button and select “Power Off” on the pop-up menu) before taking the battery out.


android inventory power and charging

On the main screen, you should see the AccuCOUNT icon: accucount logo

If not, click the ‘Apps Menu’ button (the circle with several squares in it), select-and-hold the AccuCOUNT icon and drag it to main menu so you can open it easily next time you use the device.

Once you’ve opened the app you see the login screen. Type in your employee password and press the ‘Login’ button.

android login screen

You will then see the main menu, where you choose what you need to use the device for:

android main screen

Main Screen Overview

The AccuCOUNT main screen features five buttons:

Adjust Counts – for inventory tracking: counted audits of your current items in stock that will be matched up against what your accounting says you should have.

If the numbers are significantly far off from each other you probably have a problem commonly known as “shrinkage”: depleted inventory as a result of poor item management, customer theft, employee theft, careless handling of items, etc.

The source(s) of the problem can sometimes be tracked down with the help of AccuCOUNT, depending on the situation.

Receive Items – scan items in as they get delivered. Simply select the vendor from a list set up in your accounting and scan the received items.

Manage Prices
– scan or search for items and change them on the fly.

Re-Send Receipts
– in case there was a problem with receipts that were previously sent.

Re-Send Adjustments – in case there was a problem with adjustments that were previously sent.


Also note the gear icon on the top right of the screen. This sets the Server IP and Server Port of the device and should not be changed once it is set during your initial setup!

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