Creating Price Levels in QuickBooks

QuickBooks allows the creation of specialized price levels. 

This can be useful if there is a store-wide sale on all items or perhaps a special time where certain items have different times than usual (happy hour for example). 

To set up Price Levels inside QuickBooks:

  1. Go to Lists  Price Level Lists.  The Price Level List window appears.

    quickbooks price level lists

  1. Select Price Level  New. The New Price Level window appears.

    pos items new price level

  1. Since this is the first Price Level, assign the Price Level the Name (2).

    AccuPOS can import up to 5 Price Levels, each named (2), (3), (4), and (5) with Price Level 1 being the default price for each item.

    Below the Price Level Name, set the Price Level Type to Per Item or Fixed %.

    A Fixed % will reduce or increase the prices of all the items by a given percentage whereas Per Item allows each item to have a unique price assigned to Price Level 2.

    pos items new price level name

  1. If it is set to Fixed %, assign a percentage to the item list.

    pos items fixed percentage

  1. If it is set to Per Item, assign custom items to every item in the inventory list.

    If you’re assigning custom prices to only a few items, the remaining items also must have a price, even if it is the default price; otherwise, AccuPOS will import those items with a price of $0.00 for Price Level 2.

    pos custom price per item

  1. Click OK when you’re finished assigning prices to the Price Level.

The next time inventory is imported into AccuPOS Retail Management, items will be pulled from QuickBooks with all Price Levels assigned.

For more information on setting Price Level Times as well as importing inventory into AccuPOS, please refer to the AccuPOS Management Guide.