QuickBooks Initial POS Setup – STEP 1 – Creating Sales Tax Items

In order to use AccuPOS Point of Sale and have it update QuickBooks for inventory and accounting purposes, a QuickBooks company file must be set up beforehand and the location on the local network, or computer, of the company file must be known in order for AccuPOS to connect and update the company file.

If this is the first time installing QuickBooks, please consult your QuickBooks advisor or Intuit’s customer support with questions pertaining to accounting issues while setting up the new company.  AccuPOS support staff will only support issues regarding QuickBooks that affect the integration with AccuPOS Point of Sale.

 This guide is also under the assumption that the network is setup and all software installed according to the AccuPOS Network Setup Guide.  The adapter, AccuPOS Management, and AccuPOS Point of Sale must be installed on the network or computer.

Table of Contents

Step 1: Creating Sales Tax Items

The first step to getting the integration with AccuPOS up and running is to get taxes set up inside your QuickBooks company file. 

You must set up as many taxes as you are going to collect at the Point of Sale. 

This can range from just one tax to several depending on local taxing legislation.  To begin setting up Sales Taxes:

  1. Go to Lists  Item List.

    quickbooks initial setup items list
  2. Select Item at the bottom of the Item list window and select New. The New Item window appears.

    new item in dropdown menu
  3. Choose Sales Tax Item as the type of item to be created.

    sales tax item type
  4. Enter the Name, Description, Rate, and the Tax Agency for that particular tax. The Description will appear on the receipts at the Point of Sale. Remember to create a tax for each Agency that is to collect taxes.

    new item details
  5. Click OK when finished. Repeat steps 1-5 to create all Sales Taxes that are to be collected at the Point of Sale.
  6. After all local Sales Taxes are made; another Sales Tax must be created especially for AccuPOS. Create a new Sales Tax Item called “POS Sales.” It is case sensitive and must be “POS Sales.”  No Description or Tax Agency is required. The rate must be set to 0.0 %.)

    pos sales detail input
  7. Once all taxes are created, they will import into AccuPOS along with the inventory.  From there, they will be applied at the Point of Sale .  More information on the taxes setup inside AccuPOS Management is later on in the guide.