QuickBooks Initial POS Setup – STEP 3 – Create a Tender Summary Account

The Tender Summary allows the splitting of the different tendering totals from a particular day’s sales (for example, splitting up all MasterCard transaction totals from Cash transactions totals). 

When Sales information is sent into QuickBooks, all the information goes into the Tender Summary account and from there, it moves into specified GL Accounts. 

More information on that is later on in the guide. To create a Tender Summary account:

  1. Go to Lists Chart of Accounts.

    quickbooks chart of accounts

  2. Select Account at the bottom of the window and select New

    new account menu

  3. The Add New Account: Choose Account Type window appears.

    Select Other Current Asset as the account type and click Continue.

    other current asset

  4. Enter Tender Summary for the account name and Description. All other fields are to be left blank.

    account tender summary

  5. Click Save and Close when finished.

  6. The Tender Summary also serves as an audit trail. The balance of the account must always be $0.00.  Every day after QuickBooks is updated by AccuPOS, make sure to check the balance of Tender Summary. If is remains at $0.00, the sales information was imported correctly. If it is either positive or negative, contact your dealer or AccuPOS Technical Support immediately.

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