QuickBooks Initial POS Setup – STEP 6 – Setup Sales Tax Code

When the inventory is imported into AccuPOS, the Sales Taxes created in Step 1 are also imported. 

Once imported, they need to be attached to a tax code in order to be applied at the Point of Sale . To set up this tax code:

  1. Go to Setup  Sales Tax.  The Tax Code Setup window appears.

    manage setup sales tax
  2. Choose the default Tax Code “POS TAX.”
  3. In the Tax Athorities table, click Create New under the ID field and type in the Sales Tax Agency ID that was created in QuickBooks.
  4. In the Authorities Name field, type the name of the Agency that was created in QuickBooks.
  5. Enter the rate (%) that was set up in QuickBooks.
  6. Finally, enter the General Ledger (“GL”) Account number for the Agency.
  7. Repeat this process for all Taxing Agencies that were created in QuickBooks.  Click Save & Close when you’re all finished. 

    tax setup
  8. Click Save & Close to finish editing the Tax Code.

NEXT is Step 6:  Define Tender Summary Account