QuickBooks Initial POS Setup – STEP 9 – Test the Integration

The integration for QuickBooks is complete. 

Before you continue on, though, it is highly recommended that you test the integration to make sure you didn’t miss a step:

  1. Backup QuickBooks.

  2. Open AccuPOS Point of Sale.

  3. Process a transaction and tender it to Cash.

  4. Close AccuPOS Point of Sale.

  5. Reset the till by hitting the Z button at the upper left of AccuPOS Management and selecting the till to reset.

  6. Make sure the transaction posted to QuickBooks as a sales receipt.

  7. Make sure that the funds posted to the correct GL Account.

  8. Restore QuickBooks.

For more information on processing transactions, please refer to the AccuPOS Operations Guide.

For more information on resetting a till, please refer to the AccuPOS Management Guide.