QuickBooks Setup Canada – STEP 4 – Setup QuickBooks Adapter

Now that everything is set up inside QuickBooks for AccuPOS to integrate properly, it is time to set up the AccuLINK adapter.  For information on how to install the adapter, please refer to the AccuPOS Network Setup Guide.  To setup the adapter:

  1. Open the QuickBooks Adapter.  There should be a shortcut on the desktop after the adapter was installed.
  2. Once open, click on Setup.  The AccuPOS QuickBooks Adapter Configuration window pops up.

    quickbooks adapter setup

  3. Check the Box on the top right hand side for the version of QuickBooks that are using.
  4. Check the box on the top right for the version of QuickBooks that your using.
  5. Click Path to QB Company.

    path to quickbooks company

  6. Browse through the network or local computer to select the company file that was setup and hit Select.

    select pos database

  7. The path now appears.  Select New Site to add that path as the default path to be used by the adapter.
  8. Select the appropriate Country Code.  For Canada 2008 or above, be sure to select Canadian 2008+.

    Click Save & Close when done.

    You will be returned to the Adapter window, which will connect immediately to QuickBooks assuming QuickBooks is open.  You will be able to tell it connects by a window that pops up inside QuickBooks itself:


  9. The QuickBooks – Application Certificate window pops up.
  10. Select the option that says Yes, always; allow access even if QuickBooks is not running.)

    quickbooks certificate

  11. If there is an option to choose a username to log in as, be sure to select the Admin account or an account with full Admin rights. 

    If there is no option, proceed to the next step.

    Click Continue.

    finish quickbooks setup

  12. Click Done.

    Now you have granted the adapter access to QuickBooks.  You only have to grant access once.  Be aware that downloading updates to QuickBooks may prompt for access again though.

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