QuickBooks – Check Tender Summary Account

At the end of each day, it is necessary to check the Tender Summary account in QuickBooks, as it is used as an additional audit trail account.

The account balance should remain Zero ($0.00). Every day after QuickBooks is updated by AccuPOS, you should check the balance of this account.

If this account has a Zero balance that means that sales have posted correctly.

If this account is either positive or negative, there was a problem with the update and you should contact the AccuPOS Technical Support immediately. 

Below is an example of how the information is imported into QuickBooks:

  1. Once the till is reset, the Z Report is generated. Notice at the top of the report is the breakdown of the sales for that sequence. 

    Keep in mind that if you are using AccuPOS for credit card processing, the Cash amount is reduced by the credit card tip amounts. 

    For example: if before adding tips, you have $100 Cash and $100 Mastercard and then you add a $10 credit card tip to that Mastercard transaction, your tendering totals will be $90 for Cash and $110 for Mastercard.

    reset report credit cards


  1. Once the sales have been imported into QuickBooks, open up the Chart of Accounts and double click on the Tender Summary account.
  2. Note that reference number of the CashSales invoice is 1001.

    The 100 represents the till number and the ending 1 represents the sequence number.

    pos reference number


  1. Note the Journal Entry movements out of Tender Summary for all the different tendering codes.

    pos journal entry


  1. In the end, after the sequence has been imported, the balance of the Tender Summary account is zero.

    pos end balance