Sage 50 Canadian End of Day / Shift – STEP 3 – Check Tender Summary Account

The sales update that was imported into Sage 50 contains sales information for that particular shift/day and will post as follows:

  1. Add/Update customers in the Sage 50 Customer Job list that were added or edited from the Point of Sale.
  2. Post individual Sales Receipts for all Point Of Sale transactions that had customers assigned to them with item by item information on what was purchased on that transaction.
  3. Post one summarized Sales Receipt to the CASHSALES customer in Sage 50 for all transactions processed during that shift that had no customers assigned. 

    This Sales Receipt summarizes all items that were purchased through that shift for any transaction that wasn’t given a customer account attached to it. 

    The reference number for the particular invoice is formatted as the Cash Till number followed by the sequence number. 

    For example, sequence 2 of till 100 would post as 1002.
  4. Post individual invoices for all Point Of Sale transactions that were tendered using the Customer Account (AR) tendering type as well as the Payment on Account (PA) tendering type.
  5. Post Tendering Totals by type (cash, VI, MC, etc) to user defined accounts.

The Z report for that shift will be given a sequence number.

Every time a till is reset, the sequence number increases by one. 

This sequence number can be used to view transaction by transaction reports through the Point of Sale, as well as resending the sales information to Sage 50 if, for example, the adapter wasn’t opened while the Z report was performed. 

To resend a sequence that didn’t get imported yet:

  1. In AccuPOS Retail Management, go to File   Export to Accounting.

    export sales to accounting


  1. Enter the Sequence number and till number to be sent. Hit OK.

    sequence number


This will send the information into Sage 50 just like it would normally when a till is reset (Step 2 above).

If the ending cash for the shift is either over or short, AccuPOS will still report the total cash that should have been collected.

The Over/Short on the Z report does not transfer to Sage 50.

To adjust the cash amount before you deposit, create an Over/Short account in Sage 50 and manually transfer the over or sort amount into this account by creating a Journal Entry inside Sage 50.

NEXT is Step 4: Check Tender Summary Account