Sage 50 Canadian Initial Setup – STEP 1 – Create Sysadmin User

Feel free to call AccuPOS tech support at 888-265-4767 to help with this setup process.

In order to use AccuPOS Point of Sale and have it update Simply Accounting for inventory and accounting purposes, a Simply Accounting company file must be set up beforehand and the location on the local network, or computer, of the company file must be known in order for AccuPOS to connect and update the company file. 

If this is the first time installing Simply Accounting, please consult your Simply Accounting advisor or Sage’s customer support with questions pertaining to accounting issues while setting up the new company. 

AccuPOS support staff will only support issues regarding Simply Accounting that affect the integration with AccuPOS Point of Sale.

This guide is also under the assumption that the network is setup and all software installed according to the AccuPOS Network Setup Guide. 

The adapter, AccuPOS Management, and AccuPOS Point of Sale must be installed on the network or computer.

Table of Contents

Before AccuPOS can communicate with Simply Accounting, the sysadmin user must be created/setup inside the Simply Accounting company file.  

This is to ensure the connectivity of the AccuLINK adapter to Simply Accounting. To set this user up:

  1. Go to Setup   Setup Users & Roles…  The Setup Users & Roles window appears.

    setup user roles


  1. Select the default sysadmin user and select Modify User.

    modify user


  1. Set a user password for this user (in this example, our password is “accupos”) and set the user’s third party rights to read/write access

      enter password
  1. Hit OK when you’re finished. 

    (You may receive a warning about granting third party access to this user. Select NO to save the changes made.)
  2. Select Close to exit the Setup Users & Roles window.

It is extremely important to know the sysadmin’s password.

If it is lost or forgotten, not only will you not be able to log into Sage 50, AccuPOS also will not be to communicate with it as well.

NEXT is Step 2: Creating a CASHSALES Customer