Sage 50 Canadian Initial Setup – STEP 5 – Setup Simply Accounting Adapter

Now that everything is set up inside Sage 50 for AccuPOS to integrate properly, it is time to set up the AccuLINK adapter.

Ideally, this should be dome with the help of our tech support. Call us at 888-265-4767 for help.

For information on how to install the adapter, please refer to the AccuPOS Network Setup Guide.

  1. Make sure that the Sage 50 program on your acounting computer is closed.
  2. Open the Simply Adapter. There should be a shortcut on the desktop after the adapter was installed.
  3. Select Setup. The AccuLINK Configuration window appears.

    sage 50


  1. Select Path to Import.EXE.  A windows explorer window will open and you must set the path to the import.exe file that Sage 50 creates once installed. In the example below, it is located at

    C:\Program Files(x86)\Sage 50 Quantum Accounting\Sage_SA_import.exe

    path to import


  1. Enter the password for the sysadmin user account.

    sysadmin password


  1. Select Canada for the country version. Select the “Simply 2008 and nexer” checkbox as well. Click the Save button

    canada configuration

    1. Click Setup to re-open the AccuLINK configuration.

      sage 50

    2. Select Add/Modify Site.

      add modify site

    3. Select Browse Company Path. A windows explorer window will open and you must set the path to your company file saved on your network or local computer. The type of file is an .SAI file.

      browse company path

      Select the .SAI file and click the Select button.

      database file


    1. NOTE: there might be a 20-30 second delay to connect to the company file.

      Once it connects, the words “Primary location” will appear in the pulldown menu. Once “Primary location” appears, click Save.

      save company path

    2. Enter information for the Payroll Account, Default Income Account, Inventory Asset Account, and Inventory COGS Account.

      sage 50 define accounts


  1. Once all settings are configured, select Save to exit the AccuLINK Configuration window.

    save configuration

  2. Have Tech Support set your country to Canada

NEXT is Step 6: Import the Inventory