Sage 50 Canadian Initial Setup – STEP 6 – Import the Inventory

Now that the adapter has access to Sage 50, it is time to import all the inventory into AccuPOS Management.  To Import inventory, open up AccuPOS Management:

  1. Go to File   Import Inventory from Accounting.

    manage import accounting
  2. The AccuPOS Integrator will make a call to the adapter to tell it to grab the inventory from Sage 50.  It will only flash for a second on the screen and then disappear.

    import inventory
  3. The adapter will receive the request and begin getting the items.
    export items
  4. Once the items are exported, the AccuPOS Integrator will pop back up and update all the items and then disappear again.

    items exported


    updating items

NEXT is Step 7: Define Tender Summary Account