Sage 50 Canadian Initial Setup – STEP 9 – Test the Integration

The integration for Sage 50 is complete. 

Before you continue on, though, it is highly recommended that you test the integration to make sure you didn’t miss a step:

  1. Backup Sage 50.

  2. Open AccuPOS Point of Sale.

  3. Process a transaction and tender it to Cash.

  4. Close AccuPOS Point of Sale.

  5. Reset the till by hitting the Z button at the upper left of AccuPOS Management and selecting the till to reset.

  6. Make sure the transaction posted to Sage 50 as a sales receipt.

  7. Make sure that the funds posted to the correct GL Account.

  8. Restore Sage 50.

• For more information on processing transactions, please refer to the AccuPOS Operations Guide.

• For more information on resetting a till, please refer to the AccuPOS Management Guide.