Sage 50 US – Item Setup for Retail

AccuPOS understands that setting up an inventory list is a very time-consuming task, but fortunately it only needs to be completely setup once. 

Setting up the inventory is very important, both for the accounting side of a business as well as the Point of Sale.

This guide will cover the basics of creating items inside Sage 50 and how the inventory list works with AccuPOS Point of Sale.

Click on each item type below for step-by-step instructions on how to set it up in Sage 50.

  1. Non-inventory items.
    For example: services such as gift wrapping or installing a watch battery, and items that are too small/numerous to make inventory tracking worthwhile, such as pencils, marbles, etc.

    non inventory items

  2. Items that are sold using a different unit of measure than you purchased.
    For example: a case of snickers as individual bars.

    different unit of measure

  3. Items that are sold using same unit of measure as you purchased.
    For example: a keychain.
    same unit of measure