Sage 50 End of Shift – STEP 1 – Before you Z-Out

In order to use AccuPOS Point of Sale and have it update Sage 50 US for inventory and accounting purposes, a Sage 50 US company file must be set up beforehand and the location on the local network, or computer, of the company file must be known in order for AccuPOS to connect and update the company file. 

If this is the first time installing Sage 50 US, please consult your Sage 50 US advisor or Sage’s customer support with questions pertaining to accounting issues while setting up the new company. 

AccuPOS support staff will only support issues regarding Sage 50 US that affect the integration with AccuPOS Point of Sale.

This guide is also under the assumption that the network is setup and all software installed according to the AccuPOS Network Setup Guide. 

The adapter, AccuPOS Management, and AccuPOS Point of Sale must be installed on the network or computer.

Table of Contents

Step 1: Before you Z-Out

Before you can reset the till, there are few things that need to be done in order to ensure that the information gets to Sage 50 safely on the initial reset.

  1. Tender all suspended transactions on the till to be reset.

    If there are any open sales, the till will not be allowed to reset. 

    You must load all saved orders and tender them out or cancel the transactions.

    If you need to keep those suspended sales open, load them with a different till number and save them again. 

    That will move the suspended transaction to the new till. To load a saved order, hit the Load Order button on the Point of Sale.

    load order


  1. Log the till out.  As well as having no sales pending, the till in question needs to be logged out completely. 

    This means that no one can be logged in, even if there are no new transactions being rung in for that till. 

    To log out of a till, press the Your Shift tab and hit the Logout button.

    pos logout


  1. Make sure the AccuPOS Sage 50 Adapter is up and running and Sage 50 is opened and logged in with administrative access

    You must also be logged into the same company file in Sage 50 that the Adapter is pointing to.

    *For more information on setting the Adapter path, please refer to the Sage 50 Initial Setup Guide.

    **For more information on making sure the network paths are set correctly, please refer to the AccuPOS Network setup guide.

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