Sage 50 Inventory Setup – STEP 2 – The UPC/SKU Field

The UPC/ SKU Field allows the Item ID to be different that the actual barcode on a particular item. This can be useful in such situations as:

  1. The Item ID is longer than 20 characters for a more efficient Inventory List but all the items still have barcodes.

    Inserting the barcode in the UPC / SKU Field will allow AccuPOS to sell the item at the Point of Sale using the barcode and it will still attach to the Item ID inside Sage 50.

  2. If the vendor code for ordering is different than the barcode on the item.

    It is best to use the vendor code as the Item ID, which can be used for Purchase Orders, and assign the barcode number to the UPC/SKU field. 

    When the item is imported into AccuPOS, the SKU will be taken in, which is what AccuPOS needs since the item is being scanned at the Point of Sale, but the Item Name inside Sage 50 may still be used for Purchase Orders.

    sage 50 us upc sku

It is important to note that UPC / SKU Field follows the same 20 character limit as do Item IDs.

If a SKU is longer than 20 characters, it will not be imported into AccuPOS.


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