Sage 50 Initial POS Setup – STEP 4 – Set up Adapter

Now that everything is set up inside Sage 50 US for AccuPOS to integrate properly, it is time to set up the AccuLINK adapter.  For information on how to install the adapter, please refer to the AccuPOS Network Setup Guide.  To setup the adapter:

  1. Open the Sage 50 US adapter. There should be a shortcut on the desktop after the adapter was installed.

  2. Once open, a message will appear in Sage 50 US:“Do you want to allow Attitude POSitive to run with your Sage 50 US Software?”.  Check the option to remember this setting and hit Yes.

    allow run yes

  3. The Configure sites window should appear (if it does not, click the Setup button on the bottom right of the AccuLINK window)

    Click Browse Data Folder.

    browse data folder

  4. Determine the directory your Company.dat file is in by pressing Maintain > Company Information…, It is shown in the Directory field.

    company dat directory

  5. Browse to the Company.dat file shown above and click Open.

    company dat select

  6. Click on the name of the company.

    select company

  7. Set the Accounts Receivable GL account.  By default, it is set to 11000.

    set accounts receivable gl

  8. Click Update.

    configure sites update

  9. Click OK to exit the Configure Sites window.

    configure sites ok

    Now you have granted the adapter access to Sage 50 US. 

    You only have to grant access once. 

    Be aware that downloading updates to Sage 50 US may prompt for access again though.

NEXT is Step 5:  Import the Inventory