Sage 50 Initial POS Setup – STEP 6 – Setting the Tax Code & Authority

Usually only one set of tax codes is needed, although AccuPOS allows for multiple sets (in case you travel with the point of sale to another tax area, etc.)

To add another set of Tax Codes inside AccuPOS, simply type in the new set name in the Create New field and supply a description.

A whole new set of Tax Authoritiess will be ready for you to create.

IMPORTANT: AccuPOS does not pull the Taxing Authorities from Sage 50 US; they must be added into AccuPOS Management directly. 

Please note is that all Taxing Authorities must match exactly as they appear inside Sage 50 US or the integration will not work properly.

To set up the tax auhority:

  1. Go to Setup  Sales Tax. The Tax Code Setup window appears.

    pos manage setup sales tax

  2. Choose the default Tax Code “POS TAX.”

  3. In the Tax Athorities table, click Create New under the ID field and type in the Sales Tax Agency ID that was created in Sage 50 US.

    Note that the ID name MUST be capitalized.

  4. In the Authorities Name field, type the name of the Agency that was created in Sage 50 US.

  5. Enter the rate (%) that was set up in Sage 50 US.

  6. Finally, enter the General Ledger (“GL”) Account number for the Agency.

  7. Repeat this process for all Taxing Agencies that were created in Sage 50 US. 

    Click Save & Close when you’re all finished.

    tax codes setup

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