Sage 50 Initial POS Setup – STEP 8 – Define GL Accounts for Tendering Codes

As stated in Step 3, AccuPOS sends sales information into accounts specified in the AccuPOS Management. 

AccuPOS recommends posting tender types that are alike to the same GL account, so they can be easily identified in Sage 50 US for deposit purposes. 

For example, Cash and Checks should post to the default Cash account in Sage 50 US (usually 10100), Visa and Master Card to a Visa-Master Card GL Account (10102 for example), American Express to AMEX GL Account (10103 for example), etc.

At the end of each day, a General Journal Entry can be made out of the tendering GL Accounts to the bank account in one lump sum.

Doing so will imitate the way the deposits are made in real life, and will make the reconciliation process easier. 

To set GL Accounts for sales information to send to:

  1. Go to Setup  Tendering Codes. The Tender Type window appears.

    manage tender codes

  2. Using the drop down menu, select a Tender Type you wish to assign a GL Account to, AE (American Express) for example.

    pos tender type

  3. In the Button Example, you will see the tendering name.

  4. Assign a GL Account to the code 01013

  5. Click Update Tender on the right column.

  6. Repeat steps 2-5 until all tendering codes are assigned their desired GL Account.

  7. Click Close on the bottom right of the window when finished.

  8. If you find a tendering code that you will not be using (Discover for example), you may delete it. 

    Remember that the GL Accounts that are assigned to Tendering Codes must exist inside the Sage 50 US company file or you will receive errors on the adapter when sending sales information into Sage 50 US.

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