Upgrade Version Information

WHAT’S NEW FOR AccuPOS Point of Sale 2016:

  • Web-based Software Management – control your AccuPOS system and view real time reports from anywhere in the world, without remote desktop
  • Manage AccuPOS, AccuCOUNT and AccuSHIFT – from a single web-based system dashboard
  • QuickBooks Online Integration – our newest accounting adapter!
  • Quickbar Shortcut Buttons – in food service configuration mode
  • Enhanced Food Service Reports – we’ve added lots of guest and staff reporting data
  • Digital Signature Capture – for customer account/accounts receivable transactions
  • Inventory Quantities (on Hand) – within AccuPOS SOLO
  • Inventory Receiving and Adjustment GUIs – within AccuPOS SOLO
  • AccuCOUNT Mobile – enhanced to integrate with AccuPOS SOLO
  • AccuSHIFT Enhanced – to manage employee breaks, forced breaks and overtime compensation

What’s New for AccuPOS Point of Sale 2015

  • Accounting Integration Compatibility – with QuickBooks 2015, Sage 50 US 2016 and Sage 50 CA 2015. [more info]

  • PCI 3.0 / PA-DSS v2.0 Compliant

  • Android Tablet Customer Display – show your customers line-by-line transaction details, let them fingertip-sign charges, request their receipts by email and enter their own contact information all on a wireless Android screen mounted to your AccuPOS counter. More applications for this exciting new technology coming soon! [more info]

  • Override Item Descriptions ‘On the Fly’- create or change the description of any item (with permission) at the POS. If using AccuLINK, your new description will export to accounting for accurate record keeping and customer history.

  • Enhanced Product Sale Pricing – discounts now include “Buy X, get % off next item” and “Buy X, get $ off next item.”

  • Group Items – enhanced creation and management of group items, i.e. gift baskets, combo meals, etc

  • Multi-Location Management – access and manage multiple AccuPOS Management locations, with one easy login, ‘dragging down’ to the location you wish to administrate.

  • New Version of AccuCOUNT 2015 – now runs on Android PDA with more features including:
    – Vendor selection
    – Multi-location/bin tracking
    – Remote item price editing and much more [more info]

  • New Version of AccuSHIFT 2015 – enhancements include:
    – Printing tickets upon clock in/out
    – Automatic calculation of overtime
    – Clocking in/ out for breaks and lunch
    – Pay periods enhanced to include bi-weekly, semi-weekly and monthly
    – Show time as minutes (“1:30”) or decimal (“1.5 hours”) [more info]

What’s New for AccuPOS Point of Sale 2014

  • Enhanced POS User Interface – Faster access to many common functions.

  • Faster Interface – Items in current POS transaction are now ‘touchable’ for editing.

  • Roaming Capability – AccuPOS now allows users to take their Point of Sale outside of the local area network and process transactions using the home base database.

  • Software as a Service – AccuPOS now can be used as a SaaS.

  • Enhanced Database Options – SQL database option (AccuPOS “ELITE”).

  • Tablet Enabled – Fully functional Android and Windows 8 Pro tablet support.

  • POS Station Flexibility – Individual station settings allow unique POS look features from station to station.

  • Simplified Initial Setup – System implementation Wizard simplifies the initial set up process.

  • Web Reports – Online real-time system web reports now offered free to all PLATINUM Members.

  • POS Screen Flexibility – Supports any screen resolution.

  • Management Location Convenience – Management can be installed outside the local area network for reports and ongoing maintenance.

  • Enhanced Language Functionality – Available in multiple languages.

  • Accounting Version Capability – AccuLINK updated to support all 2014 versions of QuickBooks, Sage 50, Sage 100 ERP and BusinessWorks.

What’s New for AccuPOS Point of Sale 2012

  • Compatibility – Works with QuickBooks 2012, Peachtree 2012, Simply 2012, Line 50 2012 and BusinessWorks 2012.

  • Emailing of Receipts Enabled go green leaf– Go Green! Instantly email receipts to customers and save paper.

  • Return Tracking – Process returns using the original transaction to ensure proper credit to customers.

  • Customer Annotations – Save notes in customer record (does not transfer to accounting).

  • Receipt Item Totalling – Displays number of items on receipts.

  • Additional EBT Access and Balancing – Manual entry of EBT card numbers and print EBT balance on receipts.

  • EBT Card Specification – Print the last 4 digits of EBT cards on the receipt.

  • Gift Card Specification – Print the last 4 digits of gift cards on the receipt.

What’s New for AccuPOS Point of Sale 2011

  • Guaranteed Compatibility with QuickBooks 2011, Peachtree by Sage 2012, Simply Accounting by Sage 2011, MAS90 4.5, BusinessWorks 2011 and Line 50 2011 – AccuPOS Point of Sale always keeps you current with the latest releases from the accounting programs.

  • Data Archive – keeps unlimited historical data without affecting system performance

  • Faster System Backups

  • Master Reset Option – now you can send multiple shifts to accounting as one summarized sequence, eliminating unnecessary shift detail and streamlining accounting

  • Auto Z out – AccuPOS Point of Sale can now automatically reset a till and send data to accounting at a set time each day without cashier intervention.

  • Enhanced User Interfaces – manage items, prices, customers and other lists with simplified GUIs that make AccuPOS Point of Sale administration easier than ever

  • Adapters Run as Services – users can now log off back the office computer/server and keep the integration to accounting working.

  • Ask Before Printing Receipts – go green and save paper by setting AccuPOS Point of Sale to confirm with the cashier at the end of every transaction if a receipt is required before printing

  • Online Training Videos – dozens of training videos available for both management and POS operations, so you and your employees can learn the software at your own pace.


What’s New for AccuPOS Point of Sale 2010

  • Guaranteed Compatibility with QuickBooks 2010, Peachtree by Sage 2011, Simply Accounting by Sage 2010, MAS90 4.4, BusinessWorks 2010 and Line 50 2010 – AccuPOS Point of Sale always keeps you current with the latest releases from the accounting programs.

  • New and Improved reports with the ability to export to Excel – This opens up all of your reporting so you can filter them and customize them in your own way.

  • Improved customer purchase history – Now you can have customer purchase history at your fingertips without having to go to accounting in the back office. This will give you the ability to see what your frequent customers are ordering, or what they ordered last time.

  • Ingenico 6550 & 6580 – AccuPOS Point of Sale 2010 will now allow signature capturing devices for digital capture and storage when using our built-in merchant services.

           Food Service Enhancements:

  • Auto gratuities – If you have a large party and want to automatically add 15% on to the check, you now can do so with AccuPOS Point of Sale.

  • Guest counts – This will assist you in accurately evaluating your wait staff with guest counts.

  • Manual choice screens – This is saving you a step in your ordering process to be able to manually select your choice screen menu’s only when you need it instead of every time. Save time entering your orders with this feature.

  • Reopening closed tabs – This allows you to reopen a tab once it has been closed so you can continue to add items to the check.

  • Food recipes – This is an advance unit of measure feature to track cost for food service environments. This allow for more accurate food cost control.


What’s New for AccuPOS Point of Sale 2009

  • Guaranteed Compatibility with QuickBooks 2009, Peachtree by Sage 2010 and Simply Accounting by Sage 2009 – AccuPOS Point of Sale always keeps you current with the latest releases from the accounting programs.

  • PA-DSS Compliant  – PA-DSS validation assures merchants and customers that the Point of Sale system is not storing prohibited credit card data. Installing AccuPOS Point of Sale 2009 is your first step towards PCI compliance.

  • Create/Add New items Using AccuPOS Point of Sale – Now, add new items to AccuPOS Point of Sale and they will automatically become new items in accounting when a ‘Z’ (end of day) is processed. A full range of fields, including ‘GL Account for Sales’ and ‘Item Type’ are available.

  • Paperless Credit Card Processing For Quick Service Retailers – AccuPOS Point of Sale 2009 enables defined amounts below which credit card transactions may run paperless (e.g. “$25 or less”). Cashiers always retain the option of printing receipts at a customer’s request.

  • Additional Reports – We’ve added more reports for both retail and food service, implementing direct feedback from our customers.

  • Run Two Cash Drawers Per Station AccuPOS Point of Sale can now run dedicated cash drawers for one or two cashiers/bartenders from each order entry screen.

  • Enhanced Item List Lookups We’ve expanded lookup fields to enable searches by Item ID, SKU or item description via a ”search while you type’ filter.

  • Gift Card Remaining Balance – Now shown automatically on customer receipts.

  • Display Your Unique Company Logo – In the upper left corner of your main screen.  Your logo disappears when an employee starts a transaction, then reappears in standby mode.

           Food Service Enhancements:

  • Exclude Users From RPM – Define which user groups need item choices to automatically pop up from those who don’t (i.e. bartenders who add their own mixers).

  • Comp Reasons – When an item is to be ‘comped’, a list of possible reasons appears, user defined.  Detailed reports are thus available, tracking all your giveaways by reason.

  • Annual ‘Choices’ Key – When you need to manually enter the available choices for an item, a new button has been added.

  • Change Key Sets – Different breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner and late night menus?  Store multiple key/button settings in your system and jump back and forth with one click.

  • Order Request Time – Tell your kitchen or prep area what time an order needs to be ready for pick up, right on the ticket.

  • Enhanced Till Reset – Managers can now ‘Z’ out any server, without that server being logged in, from a convenient ’till overview’ window.

  • Gratuities On Server Reset Reports – Itemized reporting of server tips right on the ‘Z’.

  • Pre-Authorization of Credit Cards – Set any amount, $50, $100 and make sure the credit cards you’re holding to run tabs are good.  Requires AccuPOS Point of Sale Merchant Services. Easily transfer pre-authorized amounts to the final tender.

  • Capture Customer Names When Running Tabs from their Credit Cards – Perfectly safe and secure, no more typing customer names when holding credit cards behind the bar.  Just swipe and the tab is suspended using the name on the card!


What’s New for AccuPOS Point of Sale 2008

  • Ensure compatibility with the latest versions QuickBooks 2008, Peachtree by Sage 2008- AccuPOS Point of Sale 2008 is guaranteed to exchange information with the latest accounting software versions to keep you moving into the future.

  • Guarantee to update accounting  – Peachtree and QuickBooks users are guaranteed that  AccuPOS Point of Sale 2008 will post sales data to accounting or get email notification. This new feature ensures that if transactions fail to update accounting you will get the details of the till, sequence and the issue via email so it can be immediately resolved (Internet connection required).

  • Training Mode – When training new employees, AccuPOS Point of Sale will now emulate most common transactions as if they where processed using your own live mode database. Transactions such as  adding new customers, charging to customer accounts, processing credit cards, running tabs and more can be processed in real time and not effect your live data.

  • Automatic % Discount – Assigning specific discounts to customers has never been easier. AccuPOS Point of Sale 2008 can automatically apply percentage discounts to specific customer without user intervention. Just add the customer to the transaction at any time (before totaling) and the savings will display on the receipt.

  • No Discount – Great toll for preventing discounts on specific items such as CRV or any other non discountable item or service.

  • Units of Measure-  Selling one item and deducting another, has never been easier. The new AccuPOS Point of Sale 2008 allows defining master stock items and quantities for even better inventory control.

  • Enhanced customer lookups We expanded the customer generic lookup fields to search name, company and phone number fields.

           Food Service Enhancements:

  • Table Service  – With AccuPOS Point of Sale 2008 loading and saving orders has just gotten much easier. Our new Table Service module allows users to layout the floor using different table shapes and sizes. It also allows for different rooms to have a different layout for a less cluttered and more efficient design. This is a great tool for full service restaurants.

  • Assign seat – When entering orders users can now assign seats to items that will print remotely. This helps servers to serve the right dish to the right customer.

  • Item availability – This is a great feature for these limited supply items. Managers can now assign how many of a specific item is available for the day. Once the count runs out, servers will get notified so they may let customers know.

  • To Go –  Easily indicate to the prep area whether orders are for here or to go.

  • Distinguish Appetizers – When printing to a remote prep area, the new AccuPOS Point of Sale 2008 will now automatically distinguish appetizers from main course to help with the preparation process.

  • Fire – Easily notify the prep area when customers are ready to fire the main course.


What’s New for AccuPOS Point of Sale 2007

  • Ensure compatibility with the latest versions QuickBooks and Peachtree by Sage 2007- AccuPOS Point of Sale 2007 is guaranteed to exchange information with the latest accounting software versions to keep you moving into the future.

  • New and Improved Look – Step into the future with sensational new look. The new AccuPOS Point of Sale on screen keys are three dimensional creating a “big store feel” for all users.

  • Easier to set keys – The drag and drop feature makes changing menus fun. Now the on screen keys can be moved, resized and edited in our easy to use workshop.

  • Customer loyalty – A great way to provide exceptional customer service and build a strong repeat customer base. Offer a loyalty program to reward your best customers and incentives for all customers.

  • Z and X from the register – Need to keep the back office locked at night? AccuPOS Point of Sale 2007 allows you to Z and X right from the POS station.

  • Pre Set and Exact Cash buttons-  The $5 $10 $20 $50 $100 pre set cash buttons help minimize keystrokes and expedite the checkout process.

  • Improved Find/Save Order – Swiftly find suspended transactions using a new user friendly screen.  Your user can quickly locate their own orders, and managers can view all open orders in a snap.

  • Backup and Restore Data  – An automatic back-up reminder feature was added to ensure that a backup is made on regular basis. Don’t get caught without it!

  • User Login Card Swipe – Get your users swipe cards for POS log on. It’s fast, efficient and more secured.

  • Customer Cards Swipe – Now you can add the customer at any time simply by swiping their card. Fast, easy and builds better customer loyalty.

  • Customer Balance Updates – Gives you current updates from the POS on customers balances to assist with payment on account through AccuPOS Point of Sale 2007.

  • Edit Checks – Comps, Voids, and split checks are a click away.   AccuPOS Point of Sale 2007 now allows easier edit features.

  • Built in Credit Card Processing Software – With the new built in credit card processing software, getting great rates and full integration is just an application away. Eliminate the need for PC Charge and their on going support fees.

  • Different keys for different station  Great for establishments that have both food and retail. You can now set the screen keys per station. Don’t want the gift store to see the coffee shop buttons, but still need a fully integrated system? Get AccuPOS Point of Sale 2007.

  • EBT processing – AccuPOS Point of Sale 2007 is now EBT and Social Security compliant.

  • Tare Function – When interfacing with scales, AccuPOS Point of Sale will take the deduction from the gross weight and make some allowance for the container weight.


What’s in AccuPOS Point of Sale Version 7 (2006)

  • Gift Card interface – Accept gift cards from all major gift card companies in the world!

  • Print Logo on Receipts – Now with the new driver printing option, you may customize the receipt by controlling the font, size and company logo for most professional looking receipts.

  • Show original price – When discounting items at the register, AccuPOS Point of Sale will now print the original retail price on receipts along with the discount price.

  • Payment on account – Receive payments from customers at the register and post to customer accounts in accounting.

  • Print Gift Receipts – Mask the purchase price on the receipt for convenient exchange or return of gift purchases.

  • Time sensitive price levels – Automatically apply time sensitive price levels for during the day discounts and happy hours.

  • Error Correct – Easily correct the last sales actions for most efficient transaction processing.

  • Receive Inventory – Version 7 interfaces with AccuCOUNT to receive inventory using a portable scanner.

  • Web Reports – Get up to the minute sales information whether you have single or multiple locations from anywhere in the world.

  • Free text – Now using our on screen keyboard you may enter prep instructions from the choice screen for undefined instructions.

  • On Screen Choices – Show the custom choices selected for the item on the POS screen for easy verification by customer.

  • Easy Search – Improved items search capability for easy bar-code printing selection.


What’s in AccuPOS Point of Sale Version 6 (2005)

  • Sales Discount – Apply percentage discount for the entire transaction at the end of a sales transactions.

  • Operator Messages – Prompt cashier with custom messages depending on the item type that is being sold (for example sell beer and have message to check ID, sell a hamburger combo and display message to ask if they want to super size)

  • Better Bar Codes Selection – Enhanced set bar code counts selection for easy items selection when working with Wasp to print bar codes.

  • Better Reports – Using Crystal Reports we enhanced existing reports and added many more. AccuPOS Point of Sale now offers reports like Top 10 selling items, Transaction Details, Sales by user, sales by Type and sales by hour reports. In addition, we can now create custom reports to meet your business needs!

  • Price Levels – QuickBooks 2005 (US Version) users can now bring up to five different Price Levels set in QuickBooks to the AccuPOS Point of Sale inventory list!

  • Reprint receipts – Using the Point of Sale, cashiers may now choose to Reprint receipts for any transaction that has been processed from any cash till, as long as, the till has not been Reset.

  • Price Check Button – Get up to the minute pricing information on any item in the system with a click of a button. Price Check will also provide date sensitive discount information.

  • Follow-on items– Set AccuPOS Point of Sale to automatically add items to a transaction when specific items are being sold. For example, every time you sell a Can of Coke, add CRV automatically.

  • Add items using the Choice Keys– Now, using the Choice Keys you may add items (oppose to just prep instructions) to the transaction. This is great for remote printing users that would like to add options to an order that will change the order price, such as pizza toppings or Soup and Salad for a dinner option.

  • Database Compact and Repair – Using the management module, users can now make a copy Compact and Repair AccuPOS.mdb for maximum preference.

  • Have your accounting off site – Using the AccuRTM (Remote Transfer Module) you can now seamlessly transfer your sales data from your store to a remote office.

  • Process Debit Cards – Supports all merchants for Debit Card transactions using VeriFone 1000 Pin Pad (encrypted).

  • Price / Quantity change – New on-screen display when the price or quantity is changes by the user.

  • We also added – The ability to x out while till is in use; indicate what customers information gets printed on the receipt; improved features for load/save order plus bigger and better system message boxes.