Accounts Receivable Tendering Code

AccuPOS allows the tendering of transactions to a customer’s account, “Accounts Receivable“.  This tendering code is installed by default.  It allows putting sales on a customer’s account from the Point of Sale, as long as the customer’s credit limit is greater than the transaction total 

The tendering code (which is Accounts Receivable by default) must be of type Accounts Receivable and it must point to an accounts receivable account inside the accounting software.  It is generically set to the default ‘Accounts Receivable’ account.

If the account number is different in your accounting software, update this tendering code with the correct Accounts Receivable General Ledger Account.

NOTE:  You must be running at least the Pro, Gold, Platinum or Elite versions to access Customer Tracking at the Point of Sale.

  1. Go to Manage Tendering Codes

    pos accounts receivable

  2. Enter Accounts Receivable in the ‘Displayed Button Text’ and ‘What will print on receipt’ fields.

  3. Set the General Ledger Account a specified sales account in the accounting. In the example, we will be using Accounts Receivable.

  4. Set the Type to Payment dropdown menu to Accounts Receivable.

  5. Set the Maximum Change Allowed to 0.

  6. Click Add Tender when finished. The List of Current Tender Types window on the left should be updated with the new tender type.