Clearing POS Inventory or Customer List

From time to time it is necessary to clear the inventory list or the customer list from AccuPOS Management. This could be due to items no longer being sold at the Point of Sale or a customer who is no longer in the system.

If an item in your accounting software, which has previously been imported into AccuPOS, has the ITEM CODE or SKU edited or deleted, the inventory inside AccuPOS must be cleared and reimported to ensure accuracy between the item list inside the accounting and the item list inside AccuPOS.

This rule applies to customers as well: if a customer code in the accounting software is edited or deleted, the customers inside AccuPOS must be cleared and reimported as well. For completely new customers or inventory items, the lists do not need to be cleared inside AccuPOS. Before either items or customers can be cleared, there must be no open sales in AccuPOS. All tills must be reset.

To clear inventory or customers:

  1. Go to File Clear Items List to clear the inventory items, or File Clear Customers to clear the customers.

    clear pos items customers

  2. A warning will be displayed asking for confirmation. Click Yes on the screen(s) that appear.

    clear inventory confirm and clear items customers

  3. Another message will be displayed after the list is cleared.

    clear items customers complete

  4. Now that the list is cleared, you must reimport the new list from accounting using the steps outlined in the previous section.