Clearing Sales Files

Just like the inventory and customer list, all sales files should also be cleared from time to time. The AccuPOS database may be too large (100MB is considered dangerous), or there may be no need to keep certain sales and till information. Note that AccuPOS does not give a specific time to clear sales information, and some customers may want to keep the entire years worth of sales data inside the database to be viewed later, while some customers may only want to keep the past two months.

Keep in mind that clearing sales information is a long process, especially if a large amount of sales information is being removed. While purging sales information, no tills can be opened. AccuPOS recommends purging sales data overnight to ensure that nothing interferes with the purging.

To clear sales information:

  1. Go to File Clear Sales Files.

    clear sales files menu

  2. The Purge Sales Data window appears. Select a date and time to purge up to. Click Purge.

    clear sales purge pos data

  3. The system will begin removing all sales data up to the date and time chosen. Note, again, that purging a large volume of information may take several hours. After purging all the files, a compacting of the database should be performed.