Setting Company Information

The Company Information screen usually only needs to be set up once. Below are explanations of each field:

Setting Company Information Screen

Next Transaction Number
This is a live number that indicates the next transaction number

Next Invoice Number

This is a live number that indicates the next invoice number

Sales Tax Code
This is the Tax Code to be used on the POS, as defined in the Tax Codes Setup.

Tender Summary Account
This is the Tender Account to be used as an audit trail. By default, it is set to Undeposited Funds.

Class for Sales Exports
For QuickBooks users only. Indicates the specified group class (see more info here).

Site Name
Used to define a particular location to record sales and control inventory.

Credit Card Slip Limit

For convenience and faster checkout speed, if you do not wish to have customers sign a credit card slip for a minor transaction amount, set the limit here.
For instance, putting in 10 in this box will tell the POS to not print a signature slip if any credit card transactions are $10.00 or less.

Default Price Level
This sets the current default price level at the POS. Under normal conditions this would usually be set to 1, but you may wish to set it to a different number if you are having a special sale or other circumstance. See the price level times manual for more information.

Reprice on Customer Selection
Under normal conditions, keep this box checked. It updates the prices of a customer’s items if they tell you their price level after items have been entered. Otherwise, the items would have to be voided and re-entered with the correct price level.

Price Limit
As a safety feature, the maximum amount that can be charged to a Credit Card.

Quantity Limit
As a safety feature, the maximum quantity of any product that can be sold at the POS.

Gratuity Handling
Keep this checked if your restaurant handles gratuities, or unchecked if not.

Send Tips to Accounting
Have this checked if you need to keep track of gratuities in your accounting program.

Automatic Archive Time
This is a daily time that your database gets automatically archived. You can also choose None if you wish to archive manually.

Automatically include gratuity in groups of (X) or more
If your restaurant policy is to automatically include a gratuity if a party has a certain number of people, set the limit here.